Best Pickleball Gear for Beginners: Start Your Game Right


Pickleball is an exciting sport that combines the best of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. If you’re new to pickleball, having the right gear can make your learning journey more enjoyable. In this guide, we’ll explore the best pickleball gear for beginners, helping you get started on the right foot.

As a beginner, you may have just discovered the joys of pickleball. It’s essential to begin with the right equipment to lay a strong foundation for your game. Let’s dive into the gear that every novice pickleball player should consider.


Quality Pickleball Paddles

Your paddle is your most crucial piece of equipment. Look for a paddle that offers a balance of power and control. As a beginner, you’ll want a lighter paddle with a larger sweet spot to help you develop your skills.

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Indoor Pickleballs

For beginners, indoor pickleballs are a great choice as they provide a consistent bounce. Look for balls that meet the USAPA standards. They are typically white or yellow.

Comfortable Pickleball Shoes

Invest in court-specific pickleball shoes that provide support and stability. Look for non-marking soles to protect indoor courts. Good traction and cushioning are key features.

Pickleball Bag

A bag is essential to carry your gear. Look for one with compartments to keep your paddle, balls, and other items organized. It should be easy to carry to the court.

Pickleball Apparel

Wear comfortable sportswear suitable for pickleball. Moisture-wicking fabric helps keep you dry during play. Ensure you have freedom of movement for quick reflexes.

Paddle Covers

Protect your paddle with a cover when not in use. It prevents damage and prolongs the life of your paddle.

Eye Protection

Eye protection, such as sports glasses, is vital, especially if you’re playing outdoors. It shields your eyes from fast-moving balls and keeps you safe.

Grip Enhancements

Overgrips can enhance your paddle grip and provide comfort during extended play. They are affordable and easy to install.


Can I use tennis shoes for pickleball?

Tennis shoes can be used for pickleball but aren’t as suitable as court-specific shoes. Pickleball shoes offer better traction and support, especially during lateral movements.

How do I determine the right grip size for my pickleball paddle?

You can measure your hand’s circumference to find the correct grip size. Most adults find a 4-inch grip comfortable.

Should I buy an indoor or outdoor pickleball?

For beginners, indoor pickleballs are a better choice as they offer a more predictable bounce. As you progress, you can consider outdoor balls for different playing conditions.

What’s the difference between graphite and composite paddles?

Graphite paddles are known for control and touch. Composite paddles are heavier and offer more power. As a beginner, consider starting with a graphite paddle.

Can I practice pickleball alone?

Yes, you can practice solo by hitting the ball against a wall. It’s a great way to work on your shots and reflexes.


Starting your pickleball journey with the best gear for beginners can make the learning process more enjoyable. Your choice of paddle, balls, shoes, and accessories will set you up for success. As you progress, you can explore advanced gear, but for now, equip yourself with the essentials and enjoy your games. Welcome to the exciting world of pickleball!

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