5 Common Reasons Why You May Need A Plumber For A Toilet Repair

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All plumbing issues can be frustrating to deal with, including toilet problems that aren’t easily resolvable. It can sometimes seem like an easy DIY project when you’re in need of a toilet repair, but the truth is that most toilet repairs simply must be left for professional hands.

There are all sorts of issues that toilets go through on a consistent basis, and property owners simply need to be aware of certain issues that simply can’t be done without expert assistance. Although the DIY trends are still strongly permeating throughout the Web, it’s crucial to know your limitations and when pros are needed to properly resolve a plumbing problem.

So here are five common toilet repair issues that always need a professional plumber to fix:

Abnormally Slow Flushing

If your toilet has flushed a certain way for a long time and then suddenly starts showing considerably less flushing power, then it’s probable that you’ll try out a plunger to see if you can fix the flush issue yourself. But if a plunger doesn’t do the trick, then it could mean that your toilet is experiencing a significant clog.

Although your toilet may still be usable for a good amount of time after the clog has developed, you’ll eventually start to see backups and very serious emergency issues if the clog is neglected. This is why it’s always best to be proactive with plumbing clogs and have them addressed early on when you’re just beginning to see slow flushes.

Cracked Toilet Bowl or Tank

All toilets are supposed to be extremely durable, but we all know how household accidents can sometimes lead to toilet tank or bowl cracks. Depending upon where these types of cracks are, it could potentially be detrimental to the toilet’s functionality.

Although some people may think they can do a quick DIY replacement by simply purchasing the exact same model, it’s important to remember that your toilet is securely fixed within your bathroom’s flooring and directly connected to waste exhaust pipes. This can make this type of DIY project extremely tricky, which is why this type of warning sign always indicates a need for professional help.

There’s Loose Flooring Near Your Toilet

If you sit on your toilet and it inadvertently shifts or feels unstable, then the flooring around your toilet has gone much too soft. This is often connected to moisture damages and other types of toilet leaks, and what’s worse is that these issues can mean that mold and other developments are occurring underneath your bathroom floors!

This type of issue also needs to be addressed promptly, because neglect can lead to further spreading of the rot or mold, and this can lead to diminished indoor air quality and other health problems.

So always reach out to a plumber when you need these types of bathroom flooring issues thoroughly troubleshooted.

Strange Toilet Behavior

If you’ve had your toilet for a long time, then you should know better than anyone else when it starts acting differently. This is the type of plumbing problem that requires homeowners to use their intuition and recognize when strange toilet behavior is occurring.

Some examples of strange toilet behavior can include things like burps/bubbles after flushing, system restoration issues after flushes, discharging low water amounts, and water tank volume reductions. To put it simply, if things aren’t acting smoothly then you’re going to need a professional plumber to come check things out.

Consistently Running Toilets & Toilet Leaks

Toilet leaks are often very difficult to detect, but there are certain scenarios in which a property owner does detect their own toilet leaks. Homeowners often overlook slow toilet leaks, but the truth is that these leaks can often create significant increases in your water bills!

Reach Out To The Master Plumbers at Beehive Plumbing When You Need A Professional Toilet Repair!

Toilet repairs are rarely a DIY project, so you should always contact your local plumbing team when you notice any of the above toilet repair warning signs. You can learn more about these all-too-common plumbing appointments by going through the hyperlink at the top of the page to the Beehive Plumbing homepage!

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