All about personal loans and its benefits


Taking personal loans from the bank in an emergency circumstance and paying back into equated monthly installments is the second best thing about the personal loans, and  the first thing is borrowing money from a lender without revealing past financial history. Simply put, personal loans are unsecured loans in which individuals can borrow the money from the  non banking financial company without showing financial records. Because all the non banking financial company works  on the principle known as no credit check. Means, the lenders grant the loan with no requirement for a credit check,  but at a higher interest rate.

personal loans and its benefits

Why personal  no credit check loans good for you?

Getting a loan from the lender is not an easy thing because when you apply for the loans first thing that banks will do is check your last 6 months finance records, if you have a credit score more than 750 then you will get a loan hassle free. But, if you are running with the bad credit then getting a installment loans no credit check near me from lender can be a nightmare for you. But, now all non financing banks are offering feature known as no credit check, in which they only specific criteria of the individuals and grants them loans within 48 hours.

Eligibility criteria of Personal loans with no credit:

Although it changes from bank to bank, the general criteria incorporate your age, occupation, salary, ability to repay the advance and place of residence.

To profit of an individual credit, you should have a consistent salary source, regardless of whether you are a salaried individual, independently employed agent or an expert. A person’s qualification is likewise influenced by the compaany he is utilized with, his credit as a consumer, and so on.

  • The applicant can be 18 years or above.
  • Proof of regular income, monthly income. Whether you are salaried employee, or self employed business
  • Size of payment is based on the ability of repay.
  • Cannot have outstanding personal loans.
  • The applicant must have an onlinebank account because  a loan directly transferred fund directly in your account.
  • A valid email address and phone number and a resident card.
  • The applicant not currently signed any false debts plans.

Benefits of Personal loans:                                                

Timely cash availability: If need cash for an unexpected consequence like accidents, illness or any other expenses. These lenders easily guaranteed personal loans with bad credit  so that you can easily cash to paycheck the expenses.

Disbursal of loan amount 

Normally, it gets dispensed within 7 working days of the credit application to the loan lender. Once endorsed, you may either get a loan check/draft equivalent to the advance sum or get the cash stored automatically into your bank account electronically.

Fixed or fluctuating  loan costs

For a fixed rate individual credit, the EMIs stay settled. Fluctuating  rate personal loan the EMIs continue decreasing as it takes after the decreasing balance technique for  interest payout on a personal loan.

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