Dawood Foundation and Its Impact on Young People


Dawood Foundation is one of the best organizations for those who need help in different areas of life. This organization had been around for a very long time and has proved itself to be one of the best as far as humanitarian services are concerned. The organization is located in Pakistan but has successfully helped so many individuals and organizations across the globe. It has contributed immensely to improving the educational and healthcare services in many communities in Pakistan and beyond. Its good works are always there for everyone to see. Virtually all age groups have also benefited from the services provided by this organization. The organization has helped both adults and teenagers over the years and its services to humanity are still continuing. The organization is under the control of both Bashir Dawood and his wife, Mariyam Dawood.

Continue reading to learn more about this foundation and its good works to humanity.

Service to humanity

Dawood Foundation has been around for many years already and it has proved itself to be one of the best as far as service to humanity is concerned. Many children, teenagers and adults have benefited a great deal from the services provided by this foundation. Bashir Dawood teams up with his wife to do all the great works that the foundation has been doing over the years. For one, they contribute greatly to the YMCA Project Bridge Youth Centre in Singapore, which is just one of the many projects that this outlet has contributed a great deal to over the years. The Singapore project alone touched the lives of many and it is still touching lives today. Many of the individuals that benefit from the project are teenager.

In continuation of its services to the youth, the Dawood Foundation also sponsored up to 15 youths to the Formula One auto-racing live event taking place at the Singapore Grand Prix at Marina Bay Street Circuit. The 15 lucky teenagers also enjoyed a mouth-watering buffet spread as a part of the great treat at the Singapore Club Suite. Additionally, the foundation gave the teenagers the opportunity to watch a magic show that made them ask for more. The experience is simply that of a lifetime.

The contribution of the Dawood Foundation to the YMCA Project Bridge Youth Centre enables the centre to extend helping hands to at-risk young people via enrichment and educational activities towards inspiring and motivating the young ones toward discovering their hidden potentials and manifesting these potentials to the fullest. As a result, the at-risk young people are able to find their paths in life and also get integrated into the society again. What is more, they will never have to pay anything for this since Bashir and his wife are responsible for footing the bills.

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