Explore Kampung Arab in Bali


Explore Kampung Arab that located in Bali can be one of interesting things you can do if you have vacation in Bali. As we know that Bali becomes one of the most favorite places to visit in Indonesia. So, it is not surprising if you can find many things in Bali. You can find many people in different nations, culture, religion and event ethnic. If Bali is identic with Buddhist or Hindu, well here you can also find Kampung Arab where the Moslem live in Bali. It is interesting to know and explore Kampung Arab in Bali. It is located in Denpasar city, at Sulawesi Street and Kalimantan Street intersection. However, if you want to find Kampung Arab easily, then you can find it in the back part of Uhkuwah Mosque. Here you will not find any plank or board with written text “Kampung Arab” because the name Kampung Arab is taken because there are many people in Arabian line. If you are visiting Denpasar Bali, then you have to visit Kampung Arab and buy some merchandise or just have sigh seeing to enjoy different atmosphere in Bali.

The interesting thing you can find in Kampung Arab Bali is that the activity of all people is trader. You can find many things when you are in Kampung Arab and you can buy things for merchandise.You can bargain for things you will take in here so that you can save more money when shopping. Kampung Arab will be busy in Ramadhan, especially when afternoon and when early afternoon. If you are visiting Denpasar, you have to take time to enjoy the different nuance in Bali and enjoy shopping in Kampung Arab. The majority of people in Kampung Arab are trader so that you can find and buy many things in here, such as:

  1. Foods and Kurma
  2. Textile, Balinese painted fabric
  3. Arabian Herbs medicines
  4. Books
  5. Jewelry
  6. Clothing, for men and women with various and beautiful mode
  7. And many things including accessories for Moslem to pray

This Arabic ethnicity has been in Kampung Arab for tens of years for living. But now they spend their time for trading things and make Kampung Arab becomes interesting thing to visit when tourists visiting Denpasar Bali. Formerly, they live in Kampung Arab in Arabian house model and it looks interesting. However, today the houses are like modern houses and shops that can easily found. There are many things that are sold in Kampung Arab so you can shop everything you need for souvenir from Bali. You can find many kinds of fabric especially Balinese painted fabric that applied to clothing and so on. Here you can also Kaftan, books, or even jewelry that will be very interesting. If you want to find something interesting in Denpasar, then you can visit Kampung Arab in Jalan Sulawesi and enjoy to shop or just take sigh seeing around. Visit Kampung Arab Denpasar and enjoy shopping with various things you can find.

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