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There is no doubt that finding and picking the right credit card is difficult. But, you can now consider getting yourself the best credit card in Malaysia and all thanks go to the OCBC 365 Credit card for ultimate Cashback, which is also known as “The True Every Day Credit Card”.

As there are now a lot of cash back credit cards available and that’s why it is obvious to think what makes OCBC 365 Credit card different from others. Let’s take a look at what this cash back credit card has benefits for you:

  • Get a chance to save money in Malaysia and Aboard too

One of the main features of OCBC 365 Credit card is that you can’t only save bucks on local purchases in Malaysia, but it also offers cashback on a wide range of transactions overseas. So, it means people who are planning to have the card for both local and international purchases then consider OCBC 365 Credit card without any second thought.

  • One Card for Multiple Purchases

OCBC 365 Credit card is the perfect choice if you want a credit card for multiple purchases. This credit card provides cashback on the most common purchases that you do on a regular basis, which includes dining, utility bills, fuel, food orders and many more.

These are two main benefits of OCBC 365 Credit card for Cashback. But, there are also various things you need to know about this cashback credit card before you buy it.

  1. There is no doubt that this cashback credit card provides you cashback on a wide range of spends. However, it comes with one condition and it is that you have to spend a minimum amount to attain the rewards with use of the card. Thus, before you get too much excited to save money in the form of cashback, you should check if you are really able to spend its minimum amount every month on the card. Otherwise, you will not be able to get its cashback benefits.
  2. OCBC 365 Credit card has charges fee annually. Sure, it is free for the first three years, but have you ever wondered what happens after three years? This is the point where you have to see whether the cashback or rewards you earn will be able to cover your annual fee.

In addition to it, there are also edibility criteria to apply for OCBC 365 Credit card. Your age should be 20 years or above. The minimum annual income should be RM24, 000. The main features of this cashback credit card are:

  • You can earn 1% cashback on every retail transaction which is up to RM100.
  • You can earn 0.5% cashback on every retail transaction on successive spend above RM1000.

With OCBC Personal Banking, consider getting yourself the best credit card in Malaysia. There are also other OCBC credit cards you can consider. You can get more information about OCBC credit cards by visiting their official site.

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