Planning Company Outings – The Best Giveaway Promotional Products


If you are organizing an outdoor corporate trip, and want to hand out promotional products then you have come to the right place. Though it is a good marketing initiative looking at the plenty of choices available in promotional products, it can leave you overwhelmed.

Planning Company Outings - The Best Giveaway Promotional Products

To make the selection process easier, we are providing you a comprehensive list of promotional products for an outing.

Water Bottles

Customized imprinted water bottles act as a brilliant piece of marketing tool at summer outings. It is a good way to refresh people and keep them cool. By handing out customized water bottles, it keeps your employees fully hydrated and comfortable while playing their favorite sport under the sun.

Custom Earth Promo is the best place to find a large collection of promo products under one roof easily. They specialize in customized printed bottles with the logo that is designed in accordance with the brand’s representation.

By sipping water from this water bottle at regular intervals, it helps in restoring their energy. In addition to it, every time when they reach out to the bottle, they see your business name and slowly it gets registered in their mind. In this way, by handing out promo bottles, you can let more and more people know about your business.

Barbeque Feast and Picnic

Are you planning to arrange a BBQ feast for your team in the backyard? This is an informal setting that provides an opportunity for your staff to engage in intimate conversation. It is one of the ways to bond relations with co-workers.

The use of customized kitchen and outdoor tools can spark up interactions. Such promotional giveaways have immense possibilities to cook up new negotiations and connections.

Beach Items

If you have planned for a beach outing, then imprinted beach promo products like inflatables will make your relaxing outing all the more comfortable, and enjoyable. You can keep the fun times rolling by offering them feel-good summer promo products.

Flip flops

Flip flops are also an ideal offering to wear in picnic events. They serve as a great advertising tool for an outdoor gathering. Just by wearing these wearables, it can make your brand visible wherever the wearer goes.

Summer-themed outings are not complete without comfy footwear. A nice pair of slippers enables users to easily walk in the hot sand or near the swimming pool. It ensures that nobody is left with a splintered-feet or sole.


Performing an activity under the scorching heat of the sun can sometimes become very unbearable. Sun rays hitting your eyes can even distract your focus from the game.

This takes away the fun of the game. That is when a business handing out promo headwear will serve its marketing goals. It will not just keep the excitement intact, but also helps in its publicity.


With knowledge of all these promotional products, it is important to choose the best product that suits your employees’ preferences, your marketing budget and relates to your brand. Brand promotion in this way has the great potential to make loyal customers, foster strong work ties, and obtain more familiarity among the firm, and co-workers.

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