Scott Abraham Mentions Some Of The Best Restaurants In Newport Beach, California


Newport Beach is a gorgeous coastal city located in the southern part of California. This city is highly famed for its expansive, boat filled harbor, and magnificent local culture. Scott Abraham especially underlines the spectacular dining and wining culture of this city. There is absolutely no dearth of eateries and restaurants here that serves absolutely lip-smacking culinary delights.

Scott Abraham highlights the best restaurants In Newport Beach

Even though the Newport Beach is majorly renowned for its spectacular coastline, the locals of this awesome destination are well aware of the numerous restaurants and eateries to try out, between watching the waves and catching the rays. Scott Abraham mentions that there are multiple quintessentially Californian restaurants to be found at Newport Beach, where people can enjoy excellent lunches with their friends, family, partners and other acquaintances.

Here are some of the most popular restaurants to be found in Newport Beach, California:

  • Harborside: This is a waterfront restaurant that is located inside the century-old Balboa Pavilion.  This is a great casual restaurant where people can enjoy delectable meals with their friends or families. The seafood in this restaurant is especially quite amazing. The Harborside additionally offers a wide selection for happy hour drinks, and one can find a number of great deals every day of the week. Some lucky few may even spot sea lions swimming in the water when enjoying their meals at the Harborside.
  • Billy’s at the Beach: This restaurant is ideal for the people searching for some good Hawaiian culinary delights, while enjoying a distinct island-like atmosphere. While the entrées served at this restaurant are a bit costly, they also taste extremely delicious and are adequately sized. As the name of this restaurant states, it is located right on the beach. Hence, all its guests can expect their fish to be absolutely fresh as they have their lunch here. This restaurant would be great for having a meal while enjoying a vibrant Hawaiian vibe.
  • Cucina Enoteca: This restaurant is renowned for adding a distinct California twist to diverse Italian style meals. Guests can especially try to enjoy their meals at the beautiful outdoor patio found at this restaurant. As the Cucina Enoteca is an Italian restaurant, opting to try out their pizza can be a great option for the guests. The environment of this restaurant is also incredibly welcoming and warm, and tends to resemble a nice little farmhouse. Here people can get the chance to try out more an extensive collection of wines.
  • SOL Cocina : Scott Abraham mentions that is a great casual Mexican restaurant where people can find extremely delicious Baja California style dishes made of fresh ingredients. In addition to the taste of their meals, this restaurant is also famous for its impeccable ambiance and service.
  • The Porch: This is an extremely lively restaurant present at the Newport Beach where typical American culinary delights are served. The Porch is a great place to enjoy either a lunch or a brunch.

These were some of the most prominent restaurants found in the Newport Beach of California.

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