Web Radio- The 24/7 radio!


Web radio or Internet radio is an online radio service that is broadcasted over the internet on dedicated servers. Online radio is an audio service transmitted via the internet. Internet radio can be accessed through mobile phones as well. With Wifi connection, one can hear their favorite internet radio free in PC, laptop, tablets and mobile phones. Just like the traditional radio, you can tune in to .977 radio station to hear news, live sports commentary; music, chat shows, speeches, talk shows and live events for example live commentary on carnival.

The major difference between the traditional radio and internet radio- is that in traditional radio, the radio waves emanate from transmitter and those who are within the radius of the transmission point can only hear the signal. With internet radio being available online, anybody can access the transmission from any part of the world.  Traditional radio stations target local listeners while in online radio the listener is literally, the whole world. Traditional radio is audio while internet radio includes audio, short video clips, slideshows and pictures. The listeners can connect to the station and also, with each other through these visual features.

Non-stop broadcast- Round the clock internet radio free streaming enables listeners to tune in whenever they want. Listeners can use the facility of hearing previous broadcasts too, if they have missed any particular broadcast. There is no need to worry about the signal, high speed internet connection enables non-stop, flawless transmission. The online radio has very good sound quality that adds to stay connected to the radio, whenever one is free.

Advertising– One can advertise on the radio. The audience is much larger and is cost effective as well. Your charity work can be advertised on the radio. Community outreach can be done by advertising it on web radio. More and more people will hear it. Some would want to volunteer, some would provide the financial support while others would want to help in other ways.

Music- Music is the main reason why online radio came into existence. If you like certain music, you can find a radio station that plays your favorite type of music 24/7. You can find even unknown genre of music, which is new or unknown to most people. Music has helped in popularizing internet radio by leaps and bounds. The users are increasing in a very fast pace.

Start a new radio station- One can even starting your own radio station. It is very easy and cost effective when compared to the traditional radio station. Anybody with a computer, music collection and internet connection can broadcast their own radio station from their own home or desired place. You will need three different internet radio software to broadcast live to an online audience. You can stream live events, talk shows, music or live discussions.

Internet radio gives you the opportunity to be among the first to know the latest news, weather, currency reports and of course, music. This mode of entertainment is the new rage among the younger generation. The popularity of web radio is increasing by the minute because the choice of stations is vast and so are the types of entertainment.

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