What A Tanning Trouble!?


As inventions of man have reached the stars and back we still seem to improve ourselves to achieve better every single time. Sunbathing popular feature abroad where individuals bask in the glory of the sun to get an evenly spread tanned complexion. Tanning beds yet another improvement of sunbathing, provides a bed- like platform for individuals to select the color complexion of their choice to provide a tanned skin tone.

And the easiest is spray- on tan, available in a variety of complexion suited to the want of the customer. Most importantly, it washes off easy most of the time.The effects noted were seen to be harmful to skin. Satisfaction is what is most sought after as the tanning is redone over and over again, the level of harm to skin kept increasing according to research. With no permanent solution for it at that time, is just what was thought when melanotan came in. One solution to all this tanning and tanned trouble.

Melanotan here to save the day!

 Melanotan can be injected into the skin to produce a tan, which is a chemical known as a peptide that enables the production of melanin which pigments skin. Rather than sun bathing, tanning beds and spray on colors of complexion, this seemed as a very good solution. There are 3 phases of the melanotan dosage: starting, loading and maintenance. In the starting dosage, the recommended quantity is a minuscule of 0.3mg, to analyze how the body or one’s system reacts to it. The normal reaction is to feel slightly nauseous and slightly feverish. It acts as a catalyst that stimulation the secretion of melanin, the natural coloring pigment present in the body.What more to say! No more damaged skin, no more sun burns, no more risky exposure to UV rays. All thanks to melanotan.

A Tanning Trouble


Before the adoption of the melanotan peptide, using the Fitzpatrick chart the natural skin tone is determined followed by which a profession or tanning coach can guide accordingly as to the exact melanotan dosage required to achieve the desired tan. According to Fitzpatrick chart, skin type is categorized into 6 different types and the melanotan dosage is given according to that because each skin type is unique and has different requirements to be achieved. With skin type another important thing is that skin pertaining products react to the skin in different was hence precautions are in place.

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