Car Rental Tips: Common Rental Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Getting from one place to another is one of the logistical challenges that travelers encounter when traveling.  It is in transportation where travelers allocate most of their budget. It could be very expensive when this factor is not carefully planned especially when renting a car. Continue reading to learn more about the common mistakes that travelers make when renting a car.

Airport Car Rental

Upon traveling, you would notice that products being sold at the airport cost more than the malls, convenience stores, and restaurants. It is because airports charge 10 to 15 percent on rentals from vendors setting up stalls and kiosks. In Canada, airports charge “premium location fees.” However, these fees would vary from countries.

For car rentals in airport kiosks, these “premium location fees” are passed on to the renter. If you just want to stay in the city, you can try taking a cab to take you to the nearest offsite car rental.

Don’t Buy Overprices Insurance

Another wallet-tearing mistake when renting a car is when you buy overpriced insurance. When you are a budget traveler, one of the specific things you would make sure of is to check if they are covered with insurance when renting a car. Usually, auto insurers provide basic coverage. Some credit card companies to provide basic coverage too. It is very important to know and understand these details. Car rentals also offer insurance that would extend from basic insurance coverage. They would persuade you to purchase and agree to these additional policies. But it will be an addition to your expenses. So make sure that these are necessary before you purchase and make an agreement.

Unnecessary Extra Services

Also, unnecessary extra services would also add to your expense. For example, car rentals would offer you an upgrade for “roadside service” or Global Positioning System ( GPS) make sure that you thoroughly check how much they cost. These additional services surely add convenience when you travel and can give you a lot of benefits. However, it is also wise if you carefully think when adding them and when you also made sure that there are no other cheaper alternatives left for you. An example of this is purchasing a $10 per day GPS service. It is not that expensive if you only use it for a day. But if you use it for a week, then consider taking advantage of a used GPS for you to save money.

Waiving Car Rentals

Lastly, waiving car rental insurance. If you are not covered with your current insurance provider for car rentals, then it would be wise to purchase car rental insurance. It will not only help you save money in the long run but it also gives you a sense of security especially when you are not so familiar with the car passing through unfamiliar streets. But always make sure to drive safely.

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