Causes of sewage backup


Sewage backup is more horrible and unpleasant incident than a broken or leaking pipe. For repairing and cleaning up of sewage backup, you need professional cleanup which is costly than other plumbing repairs. To avoid these expenses, make sure that sewage backup does not occur. But in case of backup you must call for help and best option is sewage cleanup near me. They are available during day and night to provide their cleaning up and repairing services for all types of water damage, whenever you call them.

Causes of sewage backup

 There are many reasons that cause this nasty problem. For example, damaged pipes are a big reason of clogged drains. Sewer water and raw waste fails to drain and backup. Older pipes or faulty fittings of drain pipes too cause sewer backup.

When toilets are used as garbage bin, they tend to clog the lines. Human waste and tissue paper is biodegradable but cotton, make-up pads and other feminine hygiene material is not meant to dispose of in drains.

Grease poured in the sewage pipes, hardens and traps all sorts of wastes and clogged the pipes. This situation creates sewage backup and hot water cannot melt it.

Tree roots grow towards moisture and even a small tree can have roots spread under your entire lawn. These tree roots grow around the sewage pipes and cause them to pinch or squeeze and cause barrier. This barrier does not allow free flow of sewer lines. Keep checking and cut tree roots to prevent them from causing damage to drain pipes.

Kids too are responsible sometimes for sewage backup as they throw things like toys, keys and other objects down the flush and toilets which tend to stuck in drain lines and cause blockage. It is hard to refrain your children away from toilets but you have to keep an eye on them.

Flood water can flow into sewage lines and carry debris and other wastage with it. Flood water enters sewage lines with a pressure hence creating mess in toilets and yards.

Sewage can get blockage in main sanitary lines and if it is not treated on time, the sewage water and waste can back up into your homes and offices through floor drains. Usually this happens slowly and if you see any signs of water seeping from your drains, act immediately and call a licensed plumber for inspection. If your basement is flooded with sewage do call your public work office and report the problem.

Sewage backup can cause severe damage to your walls, floors, foundations, electrical system and other belongings costing you in thousands of dollars if care is not taken. You can get insurance coverage for sewage malfunctions on economic cost.

Sewage backup is contaminated and hazardous for health and need pros assistance to eradicate the root cause of the backup in drains or toilets.

The professionals assess the problem and tell you the options of repair and help you understand what to expect. They are trained and experienced in treating various blockage and backup issues, while taking care of not damaging your property in anyway. They use safety clothes and masks and take safety measures during the restoration and cleaning up of sewage backup.

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