Choose the Best Travel or Hotel Portal to Earn Miles with Hotel Stays: 5 Things to Look For


Want to maximise on earning miles during your hotel stay? You might want to put some thought into choosing a portal that gives you the highest miles and the best stay experiences.

What are the things that make a rewards program portal the best choice while looking for hotels? Apart from being easy to use and being trustworthy, it is also important that the portal gives you access to a memorable stay experience. Here is a list of things that a good portal would offer you:

1. Offers You the Right Way to Earn Miles

Miles, through hotel booking, can be earned either based on money spent or per night. Make sure you choose one that lets you earn maximum air miles. For instance, you can go for a mile per money spent option when you know the booking might be expensive. However, for affordable stays, you can opt for the ones that grant you fixed miles per night of stay.

2. Partnership with Quality Hotels and Hotel Chains

It would not make sense to go for a hotel just for the sake of earning miles if you cannot have a comfortable stay there. This is why the right reward earning portal would have partnerships with renowned hotels and hotel chains where you can enjoy the best possible service as well as the satisfaction of earning miles through your stay.

3. Wide Network of In-Program Hotels All Over the World

You should not have to change the destination you’d like to vacation at because your rewards program doesn’t partner with any hotels there. Nor should you miss out on rewards because your business trip is to a place outside the network of hotels that would let you earn miles. It is important to choose a portal that lets you earn miles with hotel stay at any major destination in the world.

4. The Reputation of the Portal

While you are busy calculating the miles you will earn from your hotel stay, don’t forget about the credibility of the portal as well. Choose the one that offers friendly terms in case of cancellations, itinerary changes, etc.

5. High Miles Earning Potential

Do check the miles or points you stand to earn when you book through the portals. You can know this by visiting your program website and checking the list of portals that your programs have partnered with. Be clear of how many miles you can earn by making the booking through any of these portals.

The right rewards portal makes it a priority that you feel free to choose the kind of stay experience you want – the kind you would have chosen even if you weren’t looking to earn miles.
A smooth experience should make earning the miles seem like an incidental advantage and not the end goal of your stays. If you want to be in your comfort zone regarding hotel stays and reap the rewards in the process, then consider looking for a reward program that provides you multiple choices for selecting a travel or hotel portal.

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