Contact Lenses That Can Control Myopia


Today’s myopia in adolescents is often “progressive”, meaning that myopia grows larger over time. But there is also good news. According to several studies, continued use of GP contact lenses can control this myopia.

Don’t expect GP lenses to correct or stop myopia. Can only slow down growth in adolescents

Studies have shown that myopia grows very slowly in adolescents wearing GP lenses compared to teens who do not use GP lenses.This is why contact lens makers are willing to recommend GP lenses for children.

In a recent independent survey by the Contact Lens Manufacturers Association, approximately 3,500 leading ophthalmologists were asked about the management of myopia with the help of GP contact lenses.

  • 99% confirm that GP lenses greatly reduce the progression of myopia in children, and the remaining 1% is almost as well.

100% said they would often recommend GP lenses for schoolchildren to reduce the progression of myopia and enjoy better vision.

However, eat these fruits only with a little salt. Although there have been thousands of studies done on the subject and in most cases the results are positive. But not all results show green signs.

The increase in myopia among conventional physicians was only 40% compared to users of soft lenses. Another interesting finding from this study is that eye growth, one of the causes of myopia, was not slowed at all thanks to the continued use of traditional GP clothing.

In addition, many clinical disease forms are classified. Degenerative myopia is one of the few progressive forms that means it gets worse over time. Myopia at night is a condition in which the blur that occurs in far vision is worse when there is low light. Induced myopia is a condition that pleases healthy people. It can be the result of hyperglycemia or a drug-related side effect.

There are many ways to control myopia. There is no way to prevent disease. But the treatment is quite easy. Traditionally, glasses that function as optical lenses have been widely used for centuries. Modern nearsightedness treatments include myopia control contact lenses singapore that are placed on the eyeball and help dissipate light. Another popular myopia treatment that has increased in recent years is myopia surgery. This procedure is often performed using a laser to reshape the cornea and optimize the optical bending capacity. If myopia is too severe for this type of surgery, new procedures will be more available. At this stage, a tiny lens is implanted in the eye to treat a number of conditions, including myopia. These treatment options are usually safer and have a significantly better vision effect.

However, a study by Walline and other prominent researchers from Hong Kong Polytechnic University found that the opposite – the progression of myopia was significantly reduced, and even slower eye growth when orthopedic lenses were worn.

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