The process of action of urolithin


Urolithin has basically transformed into four urolithins which are A, B, C, and D. it somehow a little difficult to understand the concept of urolithin. You can read some blogs from one of the best sites for chemical technology and biotechnology that is Cofttek. The site gives you all the information related to the drug and is easy to understand for anyone. You can also read about palmitoylethanolamide reviews and get an idea of how it works. The long name of this medicine can confuse anyone, so it’s better to understand it in a better manner.

Ripe and juicy pomegranate broken into pieces, closeup
Closeup of ripe and juicy pomegranate seeds

The procedure of action of both the supplement of urolithin that is A and B

So starting with urolithin A which induces the mitophagy

If you don’t know that what is mitophagy then it’s fine basically it helps in eliminating the damaged mitochondrial for their better working. The other autophagy is the general mechanism in which cytoplasmic elements are breakdown. Then they are consequently reused while mitophagy is the breakdown and then reusing of mitochondria in the body. You can also know more about it by reading some researches. At the time of aging, the autophagy level comes low in one aspect leading to a decrease in the function of mitochondria.

It has an antioxidant function

All the oxidative stress in our body comes over when there is an disproportion between the free radicals and the antioxidant. When free radicals are more than required then these are associated with various chronic illnesses. These can be seen as cardiac disorders or cancer.

Both the supplement of urolithin is antioxidant properties and by their ability, they can decrease the free radicals. They decrease the level of intercellular reactive oxygen species more often.

Urolithin has anti-inflammation and anti-microbial properties

As we know about inflammation which is a natural process in the body to fight against injections, any type of injuries, or microbes. But chronic is more dangerous for the body because of its many disorders like asthma, any heart problem, or cancer. This happens when the person doesn’t treat the acute inflammation and slowly it turns to chronic. Urolithin helps by inhibiting nitric oxide production. For the microbial activity, urolithin works by obstructing quorum sensing which is a mode of communication of bacteria that enables them to see and control the infection.

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