Dr. Werner Boehm, A Renowned Social Work Educator, a Promising Scholar and an astonishing Author


Who is Dr. Werner Boehm?

Dr. Werner Boehm was a renowned Social Work Educator, Scholar and Author. He was born on June 13th, 1911 in Oberlangenstadt, Germany who went to the United States in 1937. He pursued his education from Germany receiving his L.L.B degree from the University of Dijon in 1936. And later the Masters in Social Work at Tulane University in 1941.  He was known for his teachings in the University of Minnesota during his time from 1958 to 1963. And then acting as a teacher as well as the dean at the Graduate School of Social Work in Rutgers University till 1972.

What did Dr. Werner Boehm achieve in his career as a Social Work educator?

He had a promising career being a scholar, academic administrator and a practitioner for over half a century and fulfilled his experiences in the most varied way possible. He is also known for his excellent leadership qualities during his teachings for Social Work education.

One of his pioneering work was in the early 1960s for the Social Work curriculum development for the Council of Social Work education. He positioned himself as the Social Work educator during the time and helped in the implementation of Social Work education in USA and Canada.

What are some of Dr. Werner Boehm’s famous works?

Dr. Werner Boehm had been known to publish many books, articles, reports and various other writings on Social Work education. His book “The Nature of Social Work” was one of the most popular one amongst the other that described about Social work education briefly from every aspect of society and education. It also contains details of how to develop Social work education and work for its growth. It also has some sort of detailed assumptions about what is social work, what factors effects it and what factors does it depends on.

Apart from this, he also served as an editor of the Journal for International Social Work. Other than that, he was also an editor for the Harper and Row Social Work series.

He was also known for serving in the United Nations as a Social Work specialist for the U.S Department providing discussion regarding the ongoing Social Work trends across USA, Europe and South America.

What did Dr. Werner Boehm achieve from his Long-life work on Social Word education?

He was the recipient of several awards and honours based on his popular recognition for his work on Social Work education across USA. He got his first award which was the prestigious Fulbright award in 1969 and then the Rutgers medal in 1983. For his renowned contribution to social work, he was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Tulane University School of Social Work in 1992. Later in 1995, the Council for Social Work Education recognizing all of the work by Dr. Werner Boehm for the welfare of Social Work education presented him for the very Significant Lifetime Achievement award.

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