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The Northern Lights are called Aurora, which means a ray of light in the atmosphere. We are faced with this amazing natural formation due to the fact that electrically charged particles of the Sun enter the Earth’s atmosphere, light is observed in the northern and southern hemispheres. Aurora comes in a variety of colors, but green and pink are still the most popular colors. The locations where he will discover Aurora are Iceland, Alaska, Canada, Greenland and New Zealand. The Northern Lights are one of the best places anyone can visit in their life. The Northern Lights gave me the best experience of my life. We couldn’t believe that my own eyes, when I discovered Aurora from one side to the other, looked like a miraculous sight when the wizard uses his wand and then they shine.

Northern Lights Tour

Iceland Aurora Borealis

When we visited Svalbard, which is in the far north of Iceland, the northern lights contain a different kind of magic. They have the greatest latitude and you have the best chance of finding Aurora. Good time to travel to Iceland. Northern Lights – usually from November to February. I visited the Northern Lights in Iceland during the week of December, which is the best time to travel. I must say, the feeling it gives you exceeds the amount of money you can spend. We will soon be heading towards the Northern Lights in Iceland this December. He also saw reindeer and polar bears. We only noticed reindeer and polar bears in the photos, but when I could actually see them, damn it, it was so beautiful that the words cut off.

Iceland reykjavik northern lights tour are one of the best places to see a miracle in the sky. This is a truly unique lifelong experience that everyone needs because the northern lights you see in the photographs are an image, but when you see it live. This is the best experience you will get. A good time to visit the Northern Lights in Iceland is usually January to March, I was there in January. You can find various places to visit in Iceland, but be sure to visit the Northern Lights. Many of us have also tried ice fishing and snowboarding, I have never been able to forget all these memories in my life and want to visit them again in my life.

Northern Lights Iceland

Discover the best experiences of life in Iceland, also known as the region of ice and fire. Nature has created an unstable playing field in a different location where you can swim outside in a blizzard inside a heated pool. Anyone can walk along the mossy lava sand. Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland, which has become the main center of the country.

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