Ford Asks Dealers to Establish Commercial Service Centers: Audi to Post Record Sales in India


Several dealers said that Ford has asked them to invest $1 million or more in the future sale of EVs. It also told them to establish commercial-focused facilities and expand working hours to boost profitability.

Commercial Service

In today’s latest BNN news, Ford dealers are adhering to its directive and getting ready to invest to establish commercial service centers. A working associate at Valley Auto Group and Valley Truck Centers, Andy O’Donnell holds three Ford Centers in Ohio. He is planning to construct two commercial facility centers, the first one in Cleveland.

Dealer invests $9 million in a new facility

Andy will establish the first commercial services facility on an area spanning 55,000 sq. ft. to 63,000 sq. ft. with an investment of $9 million. The new facility will have 30 service bays and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. It will also include a technician’s heart for mentoring.

Andy, who belongs to the supplier council at Ford, said his retailer in Cleveland receives 350 open-store orders daily. He is expecting to double the count by opening his Elite Heart. He went on to say that financial commitment is normal when considering future returns.

Chris Gulbrandson, the president of Apple Valley, Minnesota-based Apple Autos, opened an Elite Heart in January 2023. The retailer, Chris, was planning to expand the service capability much before Jim Farley, CEO of Ford, established the Ford Pro enterprise unit in the year 2021. He closely worked with Ford to know the requirements for the center. Chris claims that his service shop has eight service bays and is struggling to keep up with demand.

Chris invested $12 million to construct the facility. He also spent an additional $3 million on gear besides investing in land for the facility. The new facility has 26 bays. It also has a 13,000-square-foot component division and a 22-bay collision heart. His facility operates on Saturdays. To cope with the demand, Chris plans to work additional shifts on extended weekend hours. Chris said he is already earning rewards on his investment.

Audi expects record sales in India in 2023

The luxury car maker, Audi, expects a zoom in its auto sales in India, buoyed by rising intercity travel because of an expanding highway network and rapid economic growth. The German auto giant expects to sell one lakh cars by the end of this decade.

According to the most recent international news, private operators and automakers are playing an important role in establishing charging infrastructure in India, which is supporting the demand for new EVs. Balbir Singh Dhillon, India’s Audi head, stated that more customers are gravitating towards greener mobility, which increases demand for hybrid and electric vehicles in India.

Dhillon went on to say that the demand for luxury cars in the Indian market is strong. He forecasts that demand for luxury vehicles will increase to 38,000 units in 2023 from 41,000 units in 2022. The top players in the luxury car business in India are Volvo, Ferrari, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and Jaguar Land Rover.

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