How to add a whimsical touch with staircase décor?


new age wedding décor is getting whimsical day by day and we totally believe in taking total advantage The of every space in the wedding venue. One should surely go above and include some stunning wedding details so that guests can notice all things pretty in your wedding decor. If a venue includes a staircase, you may be asking yourself how to take the space to the next level and create the Ultra Glamorous Affair you deserve. Here are some breathtaking ways ranging from classic to bohemian that can make them look like pure perfection…

Go All Floral

Decking up the staircase with floral arrangements is one of the most common things to do but there are a million ways to do it. The handrails can be beautified in various gorgeous ways to make it look like a staircase from heaven. Even the stairs can be adorned with flower petals to make them look more dreamy.

All lit up with candles

Candles can make anything look surreal. The steps can be ornamented with neatly arranged candles to make it look absolutely bewitching and warm. They can be used in various forms and with floral arrangements it will look like a classic combination. There are various luxury banquet halls in Delhi NCR that are opting this option to beautify their spaces.

The Fairy tale effect

For that fairy tale effect, you can go a little overboard with the floral setting and then add some installations to amplify the decoration. The handrails of the staircase can be wrapped in heavy pink blooms with candles in different shapes & sizes to make it look like straight out of a fairy tale.

Red Carpet Feels

For the lovers of glam, you can add a red carpet to make the staircase look all graceful to walk upon. All you need to do is use a simple red carpet, and add Draconian plants as well as candles along the corners for all the feels.

Cascading Greenery

Greenery is never out of style. You can wrap the handrails with some garlands made out of leaves for all the Go-Green feels. Ornate glass hurricanes can also be added for a unique enhancement to the pillar candles, and create a varied and creative look.

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