Importance of NCERT Books


When it comes to preparing for the board exams, students are in a dilemma in selecting the correct study material among various materials available in the market. It’s best to start with NCERT books as it provides students with all the vital information in the most precise form for students to score good marks in their board exams. The NCERT book utilizes the latest syllabus, as per the CBSE board and provides solutions to the problems in a simple and understandable language. The topics discussed in these books provide vast knowledge about the concepts, which help you to crack any level of complex questions. The NCERT books are designed for all the standards, irrespective of the grade the student is studying in. The questions in the board exams are usually asked from these books since the CBSE board mostly prefers NCERT books. Students can practise the problems provided in these books to know how the problems are solved using the short-cut techniques to check upon their problem-solving skills and analytical thinking.

Here are a few benefits which can help you to shine in your exams:

Most of the questions are usually asked from the NCERT books as the CBSE board itself prescribes it. Students can strictly study from these books carefully because nothing beyond these books is asked in the exams. These books give in-depth knowledge about complex subjects. Clarify all your doubts about the concepts pertaining to the subject and give you a thorough understanding of complex topics.To score good marks in their board examinations, students must practice a wide variety of questions which are present at the end of each chapter. By practising it will help you analyze and have a smooth hand at the twisted questions as well.

The solutions to the questions from the NCERT books provide diagrammatic representation, graphs and illustrations to help students understand the concepts clearly Click here to know more about NCERT Solutions.Students can test themselves by solving the sample papers to understand if they have learnt the entire subject thoroughly or not. They can ascertain their weak areas on the portion they are not confident enough and can practice based on that.

With this, students can prepare a proper time-table and follow as per the plan. By knowing the examination pattern, the marks allotted to each chapter help in the preparation of that chapter since the weightage plays a significant role. Practising the solutions regularly helps in building up time management skills and boosts students confidence. By noting down all the essential formulas, theorems and derivations, it’ll be useful during revision time. Take up mock tests after each chapter is completed so that you get to know the level of understanding about the chapter. By solving previous year question papers, it helps in gaining more command over the subject. Make a note of all the general mistakes that occur so that it can be avoided in the near future.

Hence, students are advised to thoroughly go through NCERT Solutions before the final exam to secure more than 95% of marks in their board examinations.

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