Main Factors to Determine the Quality of a Cultured Pearl


Pearls enhance the beauty of a woman. The jewellery made by pearls is always in style. They can be worn in different varieties like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants, etc. There are mainly two types of pearls natural and cultured. Natural pearls are formed by nature but cultured pearls are the creations of human-beings which are formed by inserting a shell bead nucleus inside the oyster and oyster is stimulated to produce layers of nacre (Mother of pearl)

Main Factors to Determine the Quality of a Cultured Pearl

Factors to determine a pearl’s quality and worth 

  • Nacre

A pearl gets its beauty from nacre which is a smooth surface. The thickness of the nacre makes the pearl more valuable. Akoya pearls which are beautiful should have a nacre thickness of about 10-15% of the diameter of the pearl.

  • Luster

When you talk about beauty you cannot deny the fact that lustre is most important. It refers to the glow which is reflected back through the layers of nacre as the light enters the pearl. A pearl with good lustre is of the best quality. The pearls with no reflection are of poor quality.

  • Shape

The perfectly round pearls are much in demand in the category of cultured pearls. They are regarded as most valuable in terms of their shape.

  • Surface

A pearl with a smooth and clean surface is considered good. If there is a deviation and increase in surface irregularities the value of the pearl decreases.

  • Color

Pearls occur in various colors. The color of the pearl depends on your choice. You can choose a pearl according to your complexion. Mostly fair women look nice in rose overtones and the black women find black or cream overtone as the best.

  • Size 

The unit of measurement for a pearl is mm. Pearls come in different sizes ranging from 1 mm seed pearls to big 20 mm South sea pearls. Cultured pearls with a size range from 6-7.5 mm are very common. As the size of pearl increases, it becomes more costly.


So, the above-mentioned factors are totally responsible to know the quality of cultured pearls. The appropriate knowledge about the quality helps you in making a proper choice of pearls.

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