MCT Oil and its Effects to the Body when combined with CBD


MCT oil is an abbreviation for Medium-chain Triglycerides, a unique fatty acid type with a length of 6 to 12 carbons. Depending on their length, they are classified into four classes;

  • C6 – Capronic acid
  • C8 – Caprylic acid
  • C10 – Capric acid
  • C12 – Lauric acid

Healthy MCT fats are usually easy to be broken down by the body as they are saturated. Sadly, they are missing in the modern diets available today, and the body needs them to perform optimally. Even though there are synthetic MCT oils, natural MCT oil is derived from coconut oil, palm oil, and dairy fats and some can even be gotten from the foods you eat.

Effects of MCT oil to the brain

There is sufficient evidence to show that MCT oil improves the overall health of the human brain. Studies have revealed that it is good for the memory, especially for people with conditions such as brain fog, and all cases of Alzheimer’s disease.

MCT oil for ketosis

Ketosis is the natural state of metabolic fat burning, where fat is utilized as the sole fuel in metabolism as opposed to glucose. MCT oils are essential in getting the body into nutritional ketosis. When you cut the intake of carbs and increase fats, MCT oils are the healthiest fats that can help you achieve excellent health.

It is naturally absorbed into the body, making it easy to increase ketones and boost energy in the process. Coconut oil in its natural form contains lauric acid which is a very integral player in sustained ketosis.

MCT oil for boosting the immune system

So far there are several documented ways of improving the immune system, but studies on their viability and safety are still ongoing. MCT oil can be combined with CBD oil to produce CBD MCT oil, handy in boosting the immune system. MCT is considered a natural way of promoting what is known as microbiome balance, as it acts as a natural antimicrobial capable of killing pathogenic bacteria.

MCT oil for weight loss

CBD MCT oil can be used for weight loss because both oils can have positive effects in terms of improving metabolism. Once the body can find its rhythm in consistently burning fats, the likelihood of losing weight becomes very high. Studies have shown that people combining MCT and CBD oils record high rates of weight loss within a short time. The combination helps overweight individuals to lose weight especially around the hips and waist, and also to get rid of dangerous fats found around organs.

MCT oil for workouts

Athletes have found the healthiest way to work out by going natural. CBD oil and related supplements happen to be one of the most popular workout assistants for athletes due to its benefits, but when combined with MCT oil, the results can be fantastic. MCT oil is responsible for muscle strength, especially when blended with amino acids and Vitamin D. According to research, consuming MCT-rich foods helps athletes to sustain more extended high-intensity sessions. CBD oils have been used in the past for promoting workouts; therefore; a combination of both can do wonders.

MCT oil for blood sugar balancing

Cases of diabetes have more than tripled over the last decade, mainly due to the different lifestyles among Americans and the world at large. There are several measures available for curbing and treating diabetes, but they do not offer anything close to what the all-natural CBD MCT oils can do. Traditional pharmaceutical medications for diabetes are associated with a host of dangerous side effects, unlike MCT and CBD oils.

The combination of these oils increases sensitivity to insulin, reverses its resistance, and protects against the diabetes-causing factors.

Other benefits of combining CBD with MCT oil

There are even more positive effects of combining these two essential oils. Consuming CBD MCT oil guarantees other notable results such as;

  • Kidney protection
  • Absorption of omegas
  • Improved liver health
  • Cholesterol balancing

Word of advice

Human bodies react differently to various medications or substances, especially when newly introduced. CBD and MCT oils have been derived from entirely different plants, and therefore the effects are expected to vary. It is recommendable to start with small amounts; let’s say a single teaspoon daily, then gradually adjust to 2, then three teaspoons a day.

Similarly, with CBD oil, ensure that you can fully understand your body before settling for a specific dosage. The online market does not provide a standard dose for some of these dietary supplements; thus, extensive research can be helpful. The amount of CBD or MCT oil available in a given supplement varies from brand to brand, so it is wise to settle for a reputable brand that you can easily identify with. Always bear in mind that, your health comes first.

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