Menos Hiras Talks About The Most Popular Professional Sports In The World


Watching professional sports is among the most common hobbies among people today. People of all ages and gender tend to have their favorite types of sport, whose tournaments or matches they watch with utmost dedication. Menos Hiras mentions that sports tend to provide people with a unique real-world excitement and entertainment that cannot be compared to typical films or television shows. Hiras himself is a huge sports buff, and is especially interested in soccer and basketball. He even used to play for the varsity soccer team of his high school.

Soccer players fight for a ball. Professional soccer stadium. Sport event
Three professional soccer players on a soccer field fight for a ball. Soccer championship. Illuminated night soccer stadium

While some people watch sports games purely for entertainment or as an escape from daily stress and strains, others watch it to cheer for their favorite team or players. Sports teams may represent the hometown or country of a person, and their wins often tend to fill the hearts of the fans with a sense of pride. Menos Hiras says that watching sports can feel extremely meaningful to many, and some of them even choose to make a career in it right from a young age.

There are numerous types of sports popular across the world; all of them appeal to distinct people from diverse cultures. Here are some of the most popular sports in the world, as highlighted by Menos Hiras:

  • Football or soccer: Soccer is a top sport that has millions of fans across the world. This sport is characterized by its strategic game play, and is extremely exciting to watch with its dramatic scoring and sudden twists. As per a recent report, soccer is played in more than 208 countries, and the FIFA world cup is among the biggest sporting events in the planet.
  • Basketball: While having quite humble beginnings, the popularity of basketball now has spread across the world. Menos Hiras says that even though the main viewer base of basketball is in the United States, a great number of people watch this sport with dedication in Europe and Asia as well. While Greece, Spain, and Turkey are the most basketball loving countries in Europe, in Asia it is largely popular in China and the Philippines.
  • Tennis: Tennis is an extremely fast-paced sport that keeps the viewers at the edge of their seats. This sport dates back to the early the 14th century, and over the years has emerged as one of the most popular and prestigious professional sports. Major tennis tournaments like Wimbledon especially attract millions of viewers.
  • Cricket: Cricket has emerged as quite a powerhouse in the domain of international sports. In countries like India, Pakistan, Australia and Sri Lanka cricket is considered to be the biggest sport and magnetizes a great number of viewers and recreational players. The Cricket World Cup is an extremely popular sporting event, and has more than 2 billion people watching its matches on an average.

Field hockey, baseball, and golf are some of the other popular professional sports that are played around the world.

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