Revature Reviews Shed Light on How the Company Helps Candidates Land a Job as a Software Developer

Software Developer

Software developers are the ones responsible for creating various digital apps and software that are extensively used by people across the world. Right from coding knowledge to DevOps expertise, software developers are armed with a range of capabilities. Software development can offer a wide range of job opportunities, regardless of the career level of a person. Landing the first job, however, is usually the hardest for most people in this industry. Lack of experience often hinders them from even getting the entry-level jobs. This is where companies like Revature. Revature reviews discuss how the company provides valuable tech training and real-world experience, and aids candidates to kick-start their tech career.

Revature reviews mention the initiative taken by the company to help emerging tech talent gain employment

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for software developers is booming. But in reality, landing a job as a software developer, even if it is an entry-level position, can seem to be paradoxical. On one hand, a person may have a degree that should ideally validate their application to several vacancies. But after they apply for the job, these qualified candidates are either not called back or are simply told that the organization is looking for somebody who has more experience. There are numerous candidates on the same boat across the United States. It can be highly frustrating getting the foot in the door – even with a bachelor’s degree. These frustrated, would-be software developers eventually turn to coding schools and boot camps to build upon what they have learned in school. Boot camps have grown 9x in their popularity since 2013. However, regardless of their popularity, boot camps do not actually solve the fundamental reason why most tech graduates attend them, which is to get a job. Boot camps simply exist to train the candidates on the technology and skills needed to get a job. Unlike Revature, most of these boot camps do not actively work with the candidates after the training stops to make sure that they land a job.

Apart from training their candidates on the latest technologies, Revature collaborates with a number of organizations, including government agencies, system integrators and Fortunate 500 companies. This allows them to help their candidates land a rewarding job. As per Revature reviews, the curriculum followed by this company is tailored and designed keeping in mind the immediate employment of their candidates. The relationship of Revature with the business community enables them to understand business pain points and position their candidates as the solution.

By the time one completes the immersive training program of Revature, they shall have the requisite experience and knowledge that is equivalent to approximately two years of on-the-job training. Their curriculum is designed to augment the presentation and soft skills of the candidates as well, as both of them are highly sought-after traits by employers of today. Even before one completes their training, they might work on a project with their peers and present it in front of Revature trainers and potential employees.

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