Simple Tips for Safe Fireplace Wood Storage in Homes


If you have a fireplace at home, it is obvious that you need to stack firewood. However, it is important for you to know where you should store the firewood so that there are no mishaps and fires in the house. In case, you do not stack your firewood properly; this will lead to critter infestations, snake bites, fungus, and mold. If you are not careful with your storing your firewood, the wood will not burn properly. Experts say that in order to store your wood properly and keep it mold and snake free, you should keep the pile of wood as dry, neat and clean as possible.

Simple Tips for Safe Fireplace Wood Storage in Homes

Firewood storage – Tips to store your firewood properly

Remember that fireplace wood storage does not mean that you toss your firewood in a bin or leave it in a pile. This will prevent the firewood from getting the circulation and ventilation it needs. If you keep firewood stacked up in a pile, you will find that the firewood that is in the middle will be prone to fungus, decay and mold. If you do not stack the firewood properly, there will be rodent and insect infestation as well.

Pay attention to the ends of the firewood

Remember, when you are storing firewood, you must make sure the cut ends of the wood are exposed. These ends are the places from where the moisture is released from the wood. You need to make sure that the ends of the firewood are exposed so that the wood remains dry most of the time. Experts point out that most people stack the wood in single rows where the cut end faces the back and the front of the stack. However, you can store wood in a better way by stacking each wood facing a different direction so that the airflow is optimized keeping the wood dry. When you are placing the wood, avoid vertical and straight rows. Imagine stacking firewood like you would stack bricks. For instance, if you stack column of bricks, they will sure topple however if you make sure that each of them overlaps one another, you can ensure stability and the firewood will not fall.

Buy good quality racks for storing firewood

The most simple and convenient method of firewood storage is to buy racks. There are different racks available for storing firewood in the market for your home. They can be purchased in various styles, sizes, and designs. They are handy when it comes to the safe storage of firewood in your home.

Therefore, when it comes to fireplace wood storage keep in mind the above tips. It is crucial for you to ensure the wood is dry and stacked in a proper way to keep pests and rodents away from your home. As mentioned above, invest in good firewood storing rack that helps you to keep the wood neat and organized. The rack ensures that you keep moisture at bay and some attractive sizes and designs complement the interior décor and theme of your home with success!

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