Things that You Should Consider in Getting a Cheap Domain Registration


A business of any type can become successful not just with an online presence but with a unique domain that helps it to be identified and accessed by the visitors online. A domain name refers to an address of a website, and in most cases, it may also be a part of an email address or product name or service. For instance, shell and Sky in the UK are a few among several companies known for carrying a brand name in its domain, product and email address. If you want your startup business to do successful online, you should go for cheap domain registration. It will help you to reach prospective customers, who want to buy your product or service.

Nevertheless, buying a domain name has a few aspects to think about. If it is for buying a cheap domain, it is better to get advice from a domain name service provider, which can help you with a perfect website name at an affordable price. Here is what you should know while deciding on a domain name.

Avoid complex words, hyphens and numbers

Most Internet users are comfortable typing the names or words that are short, easy to pronounce and remember and simple. Complex words made using combinations of words and numbers are difficult to memorize and type. For instance, some successful domains that are a portmanteau, which is combining two words to one, are ‘Accenture’ (made using ‘accent’ and ‘future’), ‘Pinterest’ (made by combining ‘Pin’ and ‘interest’) and ‘Travelocity’ (by combining ‘travel’ and ‘velocity’).

A domain name that represent your brand or company name can help potential customers to find your website easily. It is also advisable to avoid using hyphens, for they are difficult to place and clumsy to spell if you have to read your website address.

Use domain name extensions that suit your business

When it comes to choosing top-level domain extensions such as .com, .net and .org, they are the common ones used by most websites, and may be expensive. As with the ‘.com’, it is used commonly by most businesses. If you are not a charitable institution, you need to stick to .com or .net or the new versions of it. Those who look for country-specific domains can try ones that can work out cheap. For example, ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’.

Choose an established domain registrar

You have innumerable domain service companies offering cheap domain registration. Never go for an unknown one, for anyone can start a domain registration company, but they may not offer adequate customer support. When you register with a recognized registrar, you stand to gain a lot in terms of finding a domain name you wanted through domain back order service or transfer your domain from any registrar.

Buy a domain for at least two years

You should register a domain for a minimum two years, for it will work out cheaper. The higher the number of years, the lower the package price is. You don’t have to renew your domain every year, and thus, don’t have to fear about losing it. Moreover, your website is identified and trusted by the visitors, which improves your rankings on the search engine.

The tips given above can help you do cheap domain registration and get more customers online.

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