3 Factors That Make Luxury Apartments Worth Investing In


When you talk about a luxury lifestyle, there’s no match for Mumbai! It projects real estate brilliance in India and is a hub for several lavish apartment buildings across various localities of the city.

Luxury Apartments Worth Investing In

Everyone who intends to buy his/her first luxury property to enjoy a chic lifestyle in India should consider the City of Dreams a priority. But, is it worth the buy? Should you consider buying luxury apartments in the posh localities of Mumbai?

Well, you definitely should! And this article will elaborate on some of the factors to justify the answer on why luxury apartments are worth investing in across various localities of Mumbai.

1. A Great Scope of Earning High ROI

Mumbai has seen consistent growth in the past few decades and has helped people with better cash flow. Thus, there has been a wave of demand for real estate investments among people. Considering this, the authorities revamped the localities around the city and added posh amenities and infrastructure facilities such as schools, hospitals, malls, parks, etc.

Thus, the economic flow increased, and property prices kept on appreciating over time. Property developers are now introducing luxury amenities in their residential buildings to meet the rising demand for luxury apartments at reasonable pricing. The price for these properties will never deteriorate.

So, irrespective of when you intend to buy luxury apartments in Lower Parel, Malabar Hill, Pali Hill or Versova, ten years are on the line, and you will get an astounding return on your investment.

Your ROI on investing in a luxury property will also depend on the high resale value of the property. As the pricing trends are constantly increasing for luxury apartments in Lower Parel, Versova, Pali Hill and other localities, the demand among buyers will also increase. More buyers for your property will result in increasing its base resale value.

2. Feel the Comfort & Elegance of the Spaciousness

One of the many factors of a residential property which indicates a luxury standard is a spaciousness. When you have enough room to move around the property, you will feel that cosiness and comfort you expected out of it. The minimum height of a luxurious apartment is around 12 feet, whereas the space should be more than 2500 sq. ft. at least.

Whether you are looking for luxury apartments in Lower Parelor Worli, there are property developers who will offer you homes with over 3500 sq. ft. of area. Plus, you also have the liberty to opt for lavish open space decks, along with your luxury apartments, for a perfect living experience.

3. Luxury Amenities Enhance Your Posh Lifestyle

The idea of owning a luxury property isn’t just about living in comfort but is also about upgrading your personal lifestyle. Living in a house worth crores, with charismatic interiors and modular facilities, is one thing, whereas the residential building amenities add an exceptional push to the lifestyle enhancement.

The luxury property developers offer great amenities such as clubhouses, swimming pools, sports arenas, mini theatres, gardens, kids’ play schools and much more. When you make up your mind to explore the luxury apartments in Lower Parel,Worli, Malabar Hill or other such posh localities, you are also opening yourself up for availing these added world-class amenities.


These are three crucial factors that elaborate why investing in a luxury apartment in Mumbai is worth your hard-earned money. If you are among the buyers seeking a luxury apartment to upgrade your enhanced living standards, turn to Blox.

Blox is your property search engine, giving you the flexibility of locating the best-in-class luxury properties with your location, budget and property-type preferences. When you find the one that interests you, book a site visit to explore the property more closely.

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