Brennan & Clark: The Leading Collection Agency


In case you have received a call from a collection agency, you may be thinking what collection agency is all about. Most of the people do not what does these agencies doe especially if they have always paid off debts in time. When you are aberrant on a debt, a collection agency might start to get in touch with you to collect. This usually occurs with medical bills, credit cards, mortgages, and auto and personal loans. You may even get Collection Calls for outstanding cell phone and utility bills.

Brennan & Clark: The Leading Collection Agency

Brennan & Clark functions as a collection agency that offers receivables management and debt recovery services. The company has been founded in the year 1980 and is based in Villa Park. Illinois. Since its inception, the company has been a leader in the collection industry. In fact there are no complaints against this company and this has been possible because of the way they work.

The philosophy of this collection agency is effortless that is how can they do in a better manner and how can they provide better service to the clients. In what way they can enhance the team through training and development. The best thing about this company is that they do not try to fit their clients into how they do business; they endeavor to work as an addition of the customer’s business.  Approaching each client with a totally personalized approach to partnering with them, enables the flexibility essential to house their requirements. This is possible owing to the team that they have brought together. This collection agency has the best team of negotiators in the industry working to back the clients’ rights.  All these help the company to provide an unmatched level of service to the clients.

The work of collection agencies can differ. In certain instances, they may act as middlemen for the creditor to collect the debt. In others, they may purchase debt from the creditor at a discount. This can occur when the creditor has determined it is unlikely to collect payment and chooses to reduce its losses by selling the debt to a collection agency. A collection agency may call you time after time to try to get you to pay off your debt. Certain common ways debt collectors may get in touch with you are by phone, email, letter or text message. It is vital to note that a debt collector should not get in touch with you at not convenient times of the day or night, for instance prior to 8 in the morning or past 9 at night, except you agree to it. In addition, debt collectors should not contact you at awkward places, such as workplace.

Brennan & Clark has been in the lead of the collection arena for decades continuously elevating the industry. This varies from providing a range of non-traditional services to most lately being a founding member of the CCA of A. The team members here know that the requirements of the customers are never the same and thus they offer customized solutions.

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