Appeal to Liberate Stuck Indian Citizens


What if you hear, your family is stuck at some other place and they can no longer travel due to extreme outbreak. The extreme outbreak is one of the top viruses after ebola and around the world, it has caused so far 3,179, 195 positive cases followed by the death numbers of 220,685 and recovered numbers of 986,010.

These statistics are on continuous updation so that the users can have up-to-date information whereas the governments of different countries have declared complete lockdown and shut down until it’s an emergency. Well, in India the Janta Curfew in March is accompanied by the full lockdown in April hence ordering people to stay at home even if they are stuck in different countries.

The constant news updates and information lays the light on how this virus has spread, how China has played this role of killing people, and taking advantage and how WHO lacks efficiency. But nobody is talking about the people stuck in different parts of the world and can’t travel as there are none facilities left.

Government Ordered – No Rescue

No rescue means situations have become tough for the people and they can’t do other than an appeal to the government of India to liberate them. Just put yourself in the shoes of ones who have gone for studies, jobs, and business and are now a burden to other countries with so many limitations.

The Supreme Court of India is in pursuit to see the appeals of families who are requesting to get family members. What the government is not thinking is that a 19-year-old kid thought of studying and learning for his/her future and the government at that point must be proud to have such extraordinary citizens.

But now they are denying the facts and taking necessary action to rescue and talking about the possibility that they can be carriers of viruses. Hence, It may affect the people close to them but with a practical and systematic approach it won’t be possible, and nowhere in the country like India citizens will be hurt or infected.

Government actions can save more casualties

With the situation around in no time, people can lose their temper and take actions in rage. This can’t be supported by the government and with the team of experts, the government has all the means to rescue the Indian citizens from Japan. At first, they can ask permission and seek the embassy to gather all the Indian citizens from Japan with proper testing.

Nothing can go wrong with planning once the government is cleared with the numbers they can impose with emergency measures. Emergency flights are the answer and that authority government holds the responsibility to take care of every citizen either being there in the long term or short term.

Increasing factors in Japan

The situation in Japan is no better as people are limited with supplies and other essentials, It’s getting difficult for people to accompany with the current situation. The news is all over that before lockdown Japan was the third place to acknowledge death due to coronavirus. And the current problem has removed all courtesy to help Indian people as they had the opportunity to help Indians with the rescue flights, which was helping their Japanese citizens outside the country.

The lockdown in India has increased till 17th May and it’s no good news for the economy but it’s good for the health of the citizens and good for rescuing from the worst future.

It’s a wrap

If Indian citizens are ready to cooperate then why not help those who are needed as the Indian government and our Prime Minister is already providing helping hands to other countries with medicines and other supports then why not our own people. An appeal and request can be made to the Indian authorities to rescue the Indian citizens and help them in bad times.

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