A Guide to Gravel Biking and Gears Needed for Delighting Gravel Riding: Steven Rindner


With the increasing amount of air pollution in the cities, the gravel roads of the mountain trails are beckoning road bikers to opt for peaceful picturesque routes away. According to Steven Rindner, those especially who are novices to gravel biking and like to step up from road biking to explore nature, need to be equipped with all the necessary gears to enjoy the thrill of gravel riding optimally. Reading this article can be helpful to them to know about what gravel biking is, how gravel bike differs from road bikes, and the must-have gears before getting started.

What Is Gravel Biking?

Similar to cycling on the road, gravel biking, or cycling, is a kind of leisure activity or can be sport biking and aims to ride mainly gravel roads. For outdoor or fitness enthusiasts who enjoy both on as well as off-road riding and wish to hit rough trails or terrines with thrilling steep rocks, downhills, and electrifying turns of mountain trails, a gravel bike can be their ultimate companion. Their versatile framework enables gravel bikers to continue exploring technical off-road climbs, descents, and paved surfaces amid nature.

Being equipped with heavy-duty cycles, those who consider that investing in gravel bikes is meaningless, need to understand gravel bikes are especially engineered to deal with rough, and highly complex or technical terrains.

Some of the noteworthy features of gravel bikes are

  • Wider and drop handlebars for having more control (Though gravel bikes with flat bars are also available).
  • Disc brakes that allow easier braking and stopping as per necessity on rough terrain.
  • Considerably wider wheels and tires compared to road bikes however narrower as opposed to mountain bikes.
  • The distinct pattern of tire threading increases traction and durability.
  • Relaxed and versatile geometry for a more comfortable journey, better experience, and greater stability.
  • No front or rear suspension (in most instances).
  • Lower gears to help tackle diverse terrains including steep climbs and risky descents.

Things and Gears That a Gravel Biker Needs for Long-Duration Gravel Biking

According to Steven Rindner for a ½ to full-day gravel adventure ride, one needs to carry a variety of things and gear for needed safety, troubleshooting, nutrition, hydration, etc. It makes sense to bring at least one reliable co-rider. The must-have gears include

  • A heavy-duty gravel biking helmet that protects a biker from rocks and fatal injury caused due to hitting the head. It also provides ventilation and makes it easy to breathe while pulling off and driving through windy terrines.
  • Depending on the type of season one needs to get outfitted with T-shirts, shorts, trousers or with waterproof trousers, wind jackets, tight thermal jackets, keen warmers, globes thermal jackets, etc.
  • Water bottle, packed food drinks, snacks, candies, etc.
  • Having a smartphone is essential, although it may not work at all altitudes or areas but allows one to contact someone in an emergency where there is a signal.
  • Make sure to carry an ID card like a driver’s license apart from health insurance cards, credit cards, and a paper with an emergency contact number.
  • Sunscreen lotion for protecting skin from the intense UV rays of the Sun;
  • For easy navigation, equipping with a GPS device is also essential;
  • A tool kit with all necessary accessories for the instant troubleshooting of the gravel bike;

Therefore, before getting started to enjoy a great gravel biking experience, make sure to get equipped with the above tools and gears to get the most out of the gravel trip.

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