Considerations to keep in mind when buying between used and brand-new forklift


One of the most important consideration that a lot of buyers face when they compare forklifts is choosing between a brand-new and a used machine. In fact, for specific business owners, it is not just an average business-related decision for them, but rather what is the only option available for them regardless of the situation they are in, it is still best to find an excellent working forklift by paying your full attention to the guidelines that are associated with the following criteria.

If you are planning to purchase a forklift for the logistical department of your business, then you came to the right post because discussed below are some of the most important considerations that you have to remember when you decide to buy between new and used forklift from a dealership of buy and sell second hand forklifts.

Listed below are some of the most important considerations that you have to use in choosing a brand-new and a used forklift for your business.

  • Age matters- Though it could be far from the most critical consideration, however, the age of the forklift is one of the first few considerations that you have to put in mind. Usually, the age of the forklift is imprinted within the serial number or it is stamped on or near its mast where the year when it was manufactured is read, or it can also be reflected in the series by some brands. If you are planning to purchase within the current year, you are expected to pay for the full value of the forklift, however, if you want to save some money, you should look for a forklift that is at least five years in service if it is used.
  • Determine how frequent it will be used- This will tell you the compilation of a couple of different types of use which are the key hours and the dead man-hours, which are both metered on the electric forklifts. The key hours will tell you the time during which the key is turned on while it represents also the motor’s running time. The dead man hours meanwhile, is when the meter is activated when the operator is standing on the forklift’s dead man petal that indicates the machine is being used as of the moment.
  • Condition- You should consult a professional dealer or a mechanic that is expert in forklifts because there are some important aspects to the condition of the forklift that you are not familiar with that is why the assistance of either a dealer or a mechanic is very essential to learn about the condition of the forklift’s mast operation, tires, and engine.

You should also consider buying the specific type of the forklift that you want to purchase because each type of forklift has different functions and uses that are specific to different loads and cargoes specific for certain businesses and logistics and it also has features such as Used electric, LPG, Diesel Forklifts & attachments. There are four types of forklifts; the order pickers, pallet jacks, reach trucks, and sit-down rider trucks which are highly used in different industries on a daily basis.

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