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The former employees of yahoo, Brian Acton and Jan Koum left the firm in September 2007. After it, they introduced GB WhatsApp in 2009 from America. They took initiative to make this app as they were rejected by Facebook for job. WhatsApp messenger is one of the most well-knownapps by many people. It usually cost very minimal. This app has some drawbacks because of which it is subsequently banned in most of the nationsover the globe. Sometimes it also has got banned in particular device.

GBWhatsApp is a substitute of actual WhatsAppwith better features. This app is also known as GBWA. GBWhatsApp was introduced to users by GBMods. However, GBMods is not linked anyhow to WhatsApp Inc. asit was introduced by some other developers which are serving it very well. The developers of this application have got legal authorization to serve it. GB WhatsApp is almost similar to real WhatsApp in terms of interface, installation and sending as well as receiving messages. This substitute app is trending amongst many users rather than authentic WhatsApp. Due to privacy concerns, users of IOS device cannot use this app.This application is safe for the android devices as it does not lead to any kind of virus. No one can deny the fact that GB WhatsApp 2018 is one of the best upgraded versions.Other better updated versions come time to time.

This App Offers Tremendous Features That Are Mentioned Hereinafter:

  • Individual can use dual contact numbers for WhatsApp on this device.
  • More than 90 pictures can be shared in a single go instead of 30 pictures.
  • Large names or numbers can also be named as group names.
  • This application helps a lot of people by removing second tick.
  • People can also message anyone through this app even if the contact number is not saved in the device.
  • Story of approximately 225 characters can also be put as a status which is much more than original WhatsApp.
  • Masses can share large videos which are not eligible to share in normal WhatsApp.
  • Chats can be hidden as well as locked with a pass code.
  • Old messages can also be revoked and deleted messages can also be seen.
  • This app offers a lot of privacy settings like hiding whetherGBWhatsApp user have viewed a story or not.
  • Last seen can be changedeffortlesslywith just few basic steps.
  • Broadcast messagescan be sent to more than 500 people at a time by the help of this GBWhatsApp.
  • Location can be changed without any trouble.

Many people get confused while searching this foremost social media applicationbut somehow it is not available on Play store.Individuals can enjoy amazing features of this app conveniently with the help of 9apps. A mobile business group named Alibaba Group is a platform of which 9apps is a part. This successful and trendy app has many worthy applications that are present in it for ease of people.There some of the exclusive apps which are available only on 9Apps. It is being used widely around the world. Masses of the people are suing it and they are quite happy with its features and they don’t feel any need to use the WhatsApp instead of GB WhatsApp.

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