Peter Max – A Master in The Field of Pop Art in the USA


The field of pop art has been inspired by themes and techniques from mass culture popular in the world. The inspiration for this style of art is derived from comic books, mundane objects, music, and advertising. This form of art is interpreted as a reaction to the common ideas of abstract expressionism popular in the USA. Since Pop art first emerged, it has been popular in the USA and the UK. If you closely examine this form of art, you will find it uses several bold themes, patterns, bright colors, and styles. Millions of art lovers across the world like pop art and this are why it is widely sought after today. This form of art has won the hearts of both young and old people. It is vibrant and successfully has a universal appeal.

Peter Max - A Master in The Field of Pop Art in the USA

Peter Max- A master creator of pop art in the USA

Peter Max is one of the most esteemed and well-known artists in the field of pop art. He has been creating amazing pieces of pop art for 5 decades. Like all pop artists, he likes to exercise his imagination to its optimal extent so that he creates some amazing pieces to win the hearts of both young and old art lovers across the world.

Loving art since childhood

He was inspired by his mom and dad to pursue arts from an early age. Born in 1937, he has traveled to China, Israel, and Paris with his parents. He lived near a Buddhist monastery since his childhood. The field of cosmic art also inspired him since childhood. This is why one is able to find elements of the Universe in his work. He uses the Sun, the Moon, Stars, and Planets in his work. His work has been exhibited in several esteemed galleries across the globe. His works have received admiration from young and old art lovers since he stole hearts with his vibrant music posters that covered the psychedelic movement in the United States of America. He has created some of the memorable portraits of singers and music bands. He also painted The Beatles and other iconic pop artists of the 1960s to 1970s.

Training and guidance

He has been trained by some of the iconic artists of the art world. He studied at The Art Students League in New York. He was taught by Frank J Reilly who taught him the fundamentals of sketching. As he grew older, his love for paintings grew, and he studied at The School of Visual Arts based in New York. He started his career as an artist in the field of advertising. He was the artist behind the iconic 7-Up campaign created in 1968.

In order to commemorate 200 years of the independence of the USA, Peter Max created The Statute of Liberty Series in 1976. He gradually became a political activist and avid environmentalist. He was chosen to be the official artist of 6 US Presidents of the USA. He was the artist behind the 100 Clintons Installation in 1993. One can view more of his amazing artwork on Facebook and other social media platforms.

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