Larry Moskowitz – Why Should Artists Be Personally Involved in Paintings


When it comes to the creation of artwork, it is vital for the artist to enjoy the process personally. If the painter is emotionally involved in the creation of art, this plays a vital role in producing a work of art that is memorable and good. If the artist paints a picture with emotion and inspiration, it plays a huge role in making the outcome an outstanding success!

Larry Moskowitz – passionate about painting and art

Larry Moskowitz is a talented painter, traveler, and photographer. He is passionate about painting and has been inspired by his mom and dad to pursue arts in his life. He also indulges in the field of digital art and papercraft. He says that for creating good paintings, the artist should be willing and ready to enjoy the whole process from start to finish. He says the idea should be fresh and invoke the artist to successfully reproduce it on canvas in his/her unique way.

Enthusiasm at the start of the project

Every artist should possess an enthusiasm for starting the project. The artist should be clear as to what he/she wishes to paint and agree to put energy into completing it. However, while painting projects, some artists face challenges as well. They often land up with creating something that was not expected in their minds. The mistakes are done, and they cannot fix the flaw. The end result is they become frustrated and lose the optimism they had at the beginning of the painting.

Take breaks

Good painters are aware of these challenges, and this is why they keep their optimism consistent at all times. In case, an artist gets tired; it is prudent to take a break for some time and later come back to the painting. If the artist is tired, the brushstrokes will become lazy, and this is where the flaws emerge. If you are tired with paint, take a break as fatigue and laziness do more harm to a work of art than good. A good painter will consistently remind himself/herself of the original idea or inspiration to remain focused on the painting.

Staying inspired and fresh with art

Every artist faces a stage where they get stuck. This is a phase where the whole painting appears messy and ugly. This is the time when self-criticism steps in. It stops you from progressing with the painting, and the work comes to a halt.

Larry Moskowitz says that is the time that every painter should fight in order to keep the creative skills alive. He says that an artist should never stick to one painting. It is crucial to work on several painters so that when the mind stops, you can refresh it with another work of art. Artists should always take regular breaks. The artist should also change the point of view of the painting. It should be evaluated from different angles. The artist can look at a painting through a mirror or hold it upside down to view the painting from different angles. In this way, a new perspective can be figured out, and the painting can be changed accordingly to make it better and visually appealing!

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