Brian Ferdinand – Why Should You Consider Offering Corporate Housing to New Recruits of Your Company?


If you are hiring valuable candidates that are indispensable for enhancing your organization’s value, you can improve their chances of staying loyal and committed to you with corporate housing, especially if they need to travel extensively for work. At times, salary is not just enough to retain your valuable employees, and you need to go the extra mile to offer them something that is more attractive than just money. Comfort is an important part of productivity, especially when it comes to traveling and working. Moving frequently can be stressful for your employee, and this is where you, as an employer, can step in to alleviate these tensions with corporate housing.

Brian Ferdinand – How can corporate housing boost employee loyalty?

Brian Ferdinand is an esteemed entrepreneur, trustworthy real estate investor, and experienced business consultant from the Greater New York City Area in the USA with 16 years of valuable experience in the above fields. He is currently the managing partner with CorpHousing Group, an esteemed name in national, short-term apartment rental operator specializing in proprietary Class A multi-family properties in the United States.

Help your employees find temporary housing in a new place

Corporate housing does not resolve the issue of permanent housing for your employees. Your employee needs to do that for himself in the long-run. However, at the outset, you can help your employee with corporate housing apartments, especially if they need to travel for work to different locations or if they have recently moved into the city for work and have no place to stay for the time being. With the help of corporate housing apartments, your employee gets the place to stay without hassles at all. This relieves the problem of accommodation, helping your employee to focus on the job fully. The biggest advantage of corporate housing apartments is they are fully furnished and have all the modern facilities and amenities for occupants. This means your new recruit just needs to move in with luggage.

Choose corporate housing apartments in convenient locations to house your employees

Look out for corporate housing apartments located near your office so that employees will not be late for the late minute orientations or meetings. The apartment should invoke a positive first impression to your employee. It should cater to their topmost concerns. If the apartment is close to schools, markets, pharmacies, etc., your employee will feel more relaxed and focused on starting the job in a new town with your company.

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As per Brian Ferdinand, when one wishes to recruit and retain highly skilled employees for your company, banking on corporate housing apartments is indeed a good way to start a healthy relationship with them. Employees need to have the basic comforts of living in order, especially when they are moving into a new town or city for the job. If you care for your employees from the start, their morale will be boosted, and they will focus on your organizational goals to trigger productivity and revenue in the long run too!

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