Captain Alexis Fecteau – Boost Productivity with Business Jets


Elite businessmen and women seek a premium flying experience with comfort, reliability, and professional staff to look into their special needs. These professionals value time, and they need to optimize it to the best possible means. Flying with business jets means they can skip the queues and the long waiting periods associated with regular flights. They get the chance to manage their time better and can even work on the plane in comfort. Business jets have all the facilities and the amenities they need to make the best use of air travel.

Captain Alexis Fecteau – Save time with business jets

Captain Alexis Fecteau is a professional pilot, engineer and the Director of Marketing for Boeing Business Jets. He has an M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University and holds a B.S degree in Aeronautical Engineering from The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He has invaluable experience in the field of aviation and Boeing aircraft. He works with fellow C-suite decision-makers, executive leaders, decision-makers from multiple and diverse companies. He has specialization in marketing, flight operations, financial analysis, flight standards, and more in the aviation industry.

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He says that when business executives and their dedicated team opt for business jets, the biggest advantage is that they save time not only for themselves but also for their third parties. For any top-notch businessman or woman, they must reduce downtime. Time is precious, and traveling via business jets becomes seamless and smooth. Thanks to the advent of private aviation and improvements made in business travel, more and more people are choosing it over regular airlines.

Arrive just before take-off and travel to multiple cities

With business jets, you do not have to arrive hours ahead of take-off. There is no need for you to arrive very early and wait in security lines. You can reach the airport just a few minutes before take-off and fly to your destination without hassles. Once you land, you do not have to waste time with baggage claims. These business jets allow you to land and leave the airport immediately. This means business travelers are able to improve their window of productivity. Unlike regular flights, there is no distraction when you opt for business jets. You and your team can discuss work or even the next meeting’s details once you land without distractions.

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Business jets allows their customers to travel to multiple cities for business dealings. This means they can return home in just some days or even make a short trip of one day. If a businessman or woman needs to travel to many cities located near each other, flying business jet helps them to save a lot of money in the process. They do not have to take several flights and spend hours waiting at the airports to catch connecting flights. According to Captain Alexis Fecteau, the goal of business travel is to boost productivity, and business jets have the mission to ensure their customers get the best experience when it comes to convenience, luxury, and comfort with success.

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