About 50 AD, the Romans on their conquest founded London with its name being derived from the Celtic word “ LONDINIOS” meaning the place of the bold one. It all began from the invasion of Britain in 43 AD, a bridge was built across the Thames alongside a port when it was discovered that the waters were deep enough for their ship to duck comfortably. With a good location and also hiding them from German raiders, the roman merchants became more at ease with their new found environment and built for themselves a beautiful town by the bridge and this gave birth to London. The beautiful city has since grown rapidly and paved way for itself, enlisting itself among one of the greatest cities in the world and also one of the most visited cities in Europe with a population of over 8 million. A very busy city with so much work and tasks to fulfil, one might have thought would be devoured of entertainment.



A capital city of repute will definitely have its downside as regards to the expense of living which is quite on the high side. Nevertheless, this factor is completely compensated as after work hours seems to be the best and most sought after period of the day. Endless discoveries are there to be made daily as there are scores of entertainment centers, theatres, nightclubs, restaurants, shopping malls, comedy clubs, just to mention a few , making afterhours a daring feat of enjoyment. The children are in no way left behind in the chains of activities as there are diverse brilliant ideas that can be of much fun to them. The visit to the Granary square and making splashes in the fountains, paddling in the riverside fountains, paying visits to  the museum, the Children Story Centre, street entertainers at Covent Garden and the list goes on and on. Moreover, hosting children parties in London seems to be a more exciting deal for children as they tend to appreciate this more.


There are countless things that children fancy but having special parties for them really command their attention. It’s being observed that the most attached memories children have are those involving parties attended, especially when there are lots and lots of memorable events. When the decision for hosting children parties in London arises, It is of uttermost importance to ensure that the children have the best parties during their developmental stage. Parties for children takes different shapes and form, depending of the varying needs and request of the organizers. Children parties takes  diverse forms depending on the stage and age ranging from babies to teenagers, the goal is to keep them completely amused and giving them a fresh memory which could possibly last their lifetime.

The parties differ in forms like Deluxe party, Balloon workshop, face painting party, magic show, games and dancing ,  Santa and Elf appearance, disco parties, clown parties, science parties, drama,  bubble and games, baby parties and lots more. The necessity of giving the best entertainment to the children facilitated the creation of many entertainment outfits and design of different forms of entertainment, this has contributed positively to the nature of children parties in London.

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