From Bottom To The Apex, Presenting Apex Auto!


Every large project needs equally giant and heavy equipment to perform various operations on site. The equipment can be both mechanical as well as construction equipment. It is often very tedious to transport this equipment from one place to another because of their size and weight. Transportation might require extra labor and machinery which might cause an increment in cost. Hence the best way is a fabrication. In this process, the structural units are bought separately and then fabricated in the nearby workshop. This makes the transportation process easy.

Today there are many organizations or companies which manufacture these parts of machines and equipment. These companies are not involved in assembling them into working condition but only have the role of manufacturing them and supplying them to other big industries which finally manufacture the big product.

One of the most successful industry which does the same work is apex auto.

  • About apex auto

It was set up in the year 1994 in the city Jamshedpur, which had a small team and was a small setup. During its starting days, it was dedicated to only one customer.

Today with hard work and dedication this industry has got five outlets all over the country, situated in Jamshedpur, Bangalore, Dharwad, and Kharagpur. This industry processes about 40,000 tons of steel per annum and the workers in each are almost 1200 in number. The team at apex auto consists of almost 140 Engineers and Diploma holders and about 250 highly skilled and certified welders. This is an extra-ordinary and professional team to work with.

Presently apex auto is cratering requirements of over ten major construction equipment and also manufacturing parts of metro and rail transportation successfully to the producers and assemblers.

  • Various processes involved in the manufacturing process

 At apex auto, the main focus is always on quality and perfection during the manufacture of the product. Some of the basic processes involve while manufacturing of different products include the following:-

  1. Assembling – A professional team of engineers works together, to assemble various parts within the industry. This process needs a high amount of concentration and dedication.
  2. Welding– Is the most crucial process involved while the manufacturing of any steel product. Apex auto uses skilled and certified welders to perform every task. It also uses the technology of robotic welding where with the help of artificial intelligence, in which every tiniest detail is taken care of.
  3. Machining– This industry is capable of performing a broad scope of machining processes, from a simple cutting task to a complicated shaping process. Apex auto uses one of the finest machines to do all the operations.
  4. Material processing– it has various facilities of bending, rolling, cutting, etc. involved in machine processing
  5. Finishing process– Apex auto understands that finishing is the final most important step during the manufacturing of a product. Thus it involves professional painting, cutting and shaping skilled men.

Starting from scratch apex auto has reach heights and still growing to reach a zenith position, not only in the country but the whole world with the help of its extraordinary dedication and business strategies.

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