Record Your Baby’s Milestones with Inkless Baby Footprint Kit


Every adult wishes and has inquisitiveness to know how their initial days on this planet would have been. Days, they don’t remember at all;Days when they would have cherished standing up, taking a couple of steps on their own,and even rejoiced to fall in the pursuits of standing up. If your parents did not save those memories, you have the chance to save those memoriesfor your kids. You have the chance to gift them one of the most precious memories.  The inkless baby footprint kit is the best tool to achieve that feat.

The baby book

To record all the first milestones of your baby, you have to have a baby book. You can record all their milestones at the place. The baby book should be the collection of memories that you want saviour for yourself and your kid. You can start by taking the inkless baby footprint kitand take prints of feet and hands. You can also paste their photos alongside them. Because we all think in terms of picture, and it’s always great when you pictures to relive all the beautiful moments of the past. So, if you can paste pictures alongside, it’s just icing on the cake.

The firsts

When you start recording the milestones your baby. The firsts are very important; anything which happens for the first time holds great importance. You cannot miss the first. You need to record all the stages if you are preparing a dram baby book your kid. Feats like when they stand up for the first time on their own, when they start walking for the first time. You can capture all that using inkless baby footprint kit and paste it on your dream baby book. Even if you’re failed to click the pictures at the right time, those footprints will make up for that.

The journey

When you have successfully recorded their firsts, then you graduate to the journey. The journey is always as beautiful as the start is. That’s the reason you cannot miss the beauty of the journey. If you are preparing a collection of your baby’s memories, you need to capture the transition.  Transition is something that usually parents miss to observe, it happens subconsciously for them. But if you pay enough heed to it, there are so many wonderful life lessons hidden that you can learn from observing the transition of your baby, along with creating memories.

The stages

You can divide the development of your baby into two sections ofthe period. The first should be one to three months and the second fourth to six. With the help of inkless baby footprint kit, you can record all the transitional moments of your baby.

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