Joseph Cianciotto – 3 Key Tips Entrepreneurs Need to Consider When Launching a Promotional Campaign on Social Media


Entrepreneurs know the importance of using social media to advertise their brand products or services. Nevertheless, marketing experts say they need to implement the right strategies. Only then can business owners expect a significant increase in their sales revenue. They should launch their promotion campaigns only on the networking channels where their targeted audience have an active profile. Taking such a step enables businesses to expand their commercial operations in the marketplace. In the process, they will be able to attract new customers to their businesses. It takes them one step closer to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Promotional Campaign on Social Media

Joseph Cianciotto – What do entrepreneurs need to consider when launching a promotional campaign on social media?

Joseph Cianciotto is a prominent name in the world of advertisement. He is from Long Island, New York, and a visual communication graduate from the University of Carnegie Mellon. His area of expertise is art direction, digital strategy, social media marketing, customer relationship management, and content. He has the distinction of working for some of the top advertising agencies in the USA. They are Translation, L360°, DDB NY and D’Arcy Worldwide. In these advertisement agencies, he has held important positions such as Vice-President, Executive Creative Director, Content Architect, and Chief Digital Officer. His clientele consists of popular Fortune 500 brands like State Farm, Electrolux, Electrolux, Diet Pepsi, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and Unilever. He is also the recipient of many prestigious advertisement awards such as Cannes, Comm Arts, Clios, and One Show.

Joseph Cianciotto says advertising on popular social media networking platforms can work wonders for entrepreneurs. It only costs them a fraction to the costs of promoting their brand products on television or print media. This is a boon for businessmen with limited resources. In order to gain success on social media platforms, businesses should take into consideration the following steps-

  1. Take time to learn how the networking channel works

Entrepreneurs first need to learn about the social media networking channel they are going to use for promotional campaigns. Only then can they devise and implement a proper strategy to attract the attention of their potential customers. They can find plenty of free content on the Internet to help them in this endeavor. Nevertheless, if the business owner feels that this task is beyond their abilities, they should not hesitate to hire reliable specialists in the field.

  1. Encourage customer engagement

Advertising on social media allows entrepreneurs to engage with their targeted audience. This enables them to obtain instant feedback from their customers on the effectiveness of their campaigns. They also get the opportunity to listen to problems these buyers face with the brand products. The proprietors can then take a proactive approach to resolve such issues without any delay. Taking this step helps the entrepreneurs to keep the customers loyal to their businesses.

  1. Monitor the performance of the campaigns

Launching a promotional campaign on social media is the first step entrepreneurs need to take. Nevertheless, they need to measure the results of their efforts. Every social media networking channel has a separate set of metrics which allow them to do this. They need to analyze the data from their campaigns to see if changes are necessary and in case they are implementing them right away for success.

Joseph Cianciotto states that social media is an ideal platform for entrepreneurs to launch their promotional campaigns. Nevertheless, they need to consider the above three tips at the time of implementing the right strategy so that all their efforts pay off successfully!

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