Use of Pearls as Medicine


For many centuries, people have been using pearls for healing purpose especially in few traditional far eastern and also Asian medical systems. People knew about its medicinal value since old times.

Though scientifically, much research has not been done on the healing properties of pearls, but this has not changed the people’s perception about its miraculous healing property.

A pearl necklace can offer a sense of calmness if someone wears it. Also, pearls can focus on promoting faith, devotion, purity and precision.

Medical benefits

In many Asian societies, people claim about the medicinal advantages of pearls. It can treat any digestive tract disorders and skin or muscular problems.

People use in a fine granular form and mix with many herbal powders and medicine can enhance fertility and also ease labor pain.

Ancient Chinese medicine

Chinese were dependent on medicines made by using pearls since ancient times. They used to treat problems related to eyes and serious heart disorders, indigestion, fever and even to stop bleeding.  Also useful for treating skin problems and improve skin quality.

Spiritual healing powers

The admirers of pearls claim that pearls can help in maintaining natural harmony with hormonal levels balancing in the human body during lunar cycle.

It is also used by many spiritual healers who can bring out your inner wisdom and also strengthen the emotional power.

Pearl’s magnetic influence

There are plenty of stories existing about pearls where it is claimed by them that pearls are considered to have very powerful magnetic type of influence and also has been applied in Gem Therapy for reinforcing nervous system, adrenal glands, spleen functionality and muscle tissues.

Power of enlightening

Pearls are believed to have certain magical powers of seas and lands which allow any person to open up his conscience and can reveal their true meaning of life.

Pearls are assumed as enlightener of body and mind and can stimulate mood of the person wearing it.

Pearl powder

In ancient Chinese medicine, pearls were grinded in powder form by crushing them and these crushed pearls were used as skincare agent.

Due to its exceptional anti-aging property and also acne remedial attributes, pearls are also believed to increase life expectancy.

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