Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch – How Does Education Help in Building Communication Skills in Children


Good education improves communication and interpersonal skills. Communication includes body language, signs, gestures, and speech. People that have studied in colleges and universities have a better way of speaking and conducting themselves than those who have not. Good communication makes a person confident and optimistic, especially when it comes to earning a decent livelihood. Without even basic education, it is hard for a person to survive in the world of technology today. In fact, it will be challenging to write a letter, an email, or even use a smartphone. 

Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch – improve communication skills with education 

Patrick Dwyer is the Managing Director and International Private Wealth Advisor with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in the USA. His team of financial advisors is said to be one of the best in Miami today. Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch states that when it comes to career opportunities education plays a vital role. In fact, if one wishes to get the employment of choice, communication skills play a key role in cracking the interview. Communication needs to be improved with the right teachers and instructors. There are several courses conducted in school and college that focus on developing the communication skills of students. He says that one should practice communication skills in order to become confident. Communication does not involve speaking skills alone; it also entails written skills as well.

Education at a higher level helps children become responsible citizens

One might not have been exposed to a good course that focused on communication skills at a young age. However, there are private courses available for those people who work and wish to improve soft skills as well as communication skills. These individuals may enroll in these courses and learn them for a better career and future. He says that thanks to the Internet and technology, one can even find online courses both paid and free to help you with communication skills. One may pursue these courses during the free time to improve confidence and self-esteem. Parents should ensure their children are educated in institutions where the courses are conducted by teachers that have experience and good communication skills so that children can imbibe these skills and use them later on in life. Moreover, education helps the child pursue their dreams better. They become valuable assets to society and can contribute to the community with value!

Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch concludes by saying that no child should be deprived of education. Every child should be sent to school and given equal opportunity for an education. He says that an educated child will grow into a responsible adult who will be able to know the difference between right and wrong. Moreover, he says that children too get confidence when they are educated as they are able to express themselves better. With the right teachers and educational tools, a child can become a good citizen, and the future of the nation will always be in safe hands if the child is educated well today by good teachers!

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