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Corporate housing refers to fully furnished apartment buildings, condominiums, or houses available for a specific period on rent. Companies generally set up this form of housing facilities to provide temporary accommodation to their employees during their business tours. It saves them the costs which they usually incur for booking hotel rooms. However, corporate housing is now open to people of other professions as well. These include traveling sales representatives, businessmen, medical interns, military personnel, consultants, auditors, film crews, students, governmental officials, vacationers, and executives. They just have to move into the premises with their suitcases to find all the necessary amenities ready for their brief stay.

Corporate housing companies – How to choose the right one?

Corporate housing facilities are run by reliable companies that cater to all their guest needs. The corporate service providers take on the responsibility of maintaining and cleaning the necessary amenities regularly. These include the furniture, kitchen, baths, dining spaces, and bedrooms. However, not all of them are the same. Some companies offer better services to their clients for the rents they charge. People wishing to stay in these accommodations for a temporary period need to know how to choose the right one.

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For this, they have to conduct thorough research in order to get value for money. In doing so, they need to consider the following factors:

  1. Tenants ought to hire corporate housing providers who can offer them furnished apartments in their chosen locations.
  2. They should compare the rental charges of various corporate housing companies before choosing one that suits their budget.
  3. Tenants should verify their credentials by checking their websites,
  4. Tenants need to find whether or not the corporate housing providers are the actual leaseholders of apartments they let out,
  5. They should scrutinize the corporate housing providers’ market reputation by checking their better business bureau (BBB) ratings and meeting previous customers,
  6. The corporate housing providers should allow their potential tenants to physically look at all their apartments,
  7. The corporate housing providers should maintain a 24/7 in-house team of specialists to cater to their tenants’ specific needs,
  8. The quality of the amenities the corporate housing providers maintain should be as per their client’s expectations with the rents they charge, and
  9. Tenants should determine whether the corporate housing providers they visit are members of accreditation associations within the housing industry.

Staying in apartments or condominiums run by corporate housing companies is always a better alternative for potential tenants to booking a hotel room. However, the corporate service providers they choose should provide them with apartments in the locations of their choice. The companies should allow them to physically visit these accommodations and maintain a 24/7 team of specialists for each of them. They should be the actual leaseholders of the residential properties. The BBB ratings of the corporate housing providers should indicate they have a good reputation in the market. Moreover, the rent the companies charge should commensurate to the services they provide and suit the budget of the tenant.

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