What You Should Know About 457 visa


The 457 visa is a program that was initiated by the Australian government to make it possible for Australia-based employers to support qualified overseas employees to stay and work temporarily in Australia. The program is now closed so new applications aren’t allowed. Based on the skill level of the application and years of operation of the business, the visa can last you in Australia for 1 to 4 years.

Application Requirements

There is a distinct criterion that Australia’s immigrant officers use to tell if someone qualifies for this visa. Here are the main things they pay optimal attention to.

  • English language proficiency test qualification
  • Access to the right health insurance coverage.
  • Be qualified for the registration or license required for the potential position.
  • Have an Australia-based employer ready to sponsor you for the potential skilled position.
  • Be ready to showcase your skills and experience to prove that you have what it takes for the potential job position.
  • Have a good character including but not limited to be free of any criminal records.

Things To Know

Here are some important things to check out and compare before applying for the 457 visa.

  • Visa health insurance—visit online portals to compare all the health insurance policies linked to this visa. Conducting a detailed insurance policy comparison will help you find the most trusted and reliable insurance service provider. Once you identify the best insurance services provider, it will be easier to buy an affordable and genuine visa health insurance for your needs.
  • Bank Accounts—you need to compare 457 visa resource from insurance to bank accounts for you to get bank accounts from some of the best Australian banks. Applying for a bank account opening won’t take you more than 10 minutes. The best thing is you don’t need to have an Australia address to apply for a bank account. You as well don’t need to deposit anything to your account for it to be activated.
  • Traveling Insurance—when traveling to Australia, you are strongly advised to only buy your insurance policy from trusted and leading insurance service providers. Insurance policies for overseas travelers can be quite costly so taking time to compare available policies from different insurance companies can save you a great deal. By comparing the policies from several providers, you have the assurance of getting the right policy for the money and avoid wasting your time and money settling for wrong policies. 457 visa compared make it possible for overseas travelers to compare and buy affordable policies.


Working overseas is a vision that many people only live to dream of. While most of those who stay loyal to their goals end up realizing their dreams, many don’t. If you have been dreaming of working in Australia and you happen to get an employer ready to sponsor you, the information above will help you make informed decisions on the application of the 457 visas as well as the purchase of the relevant insurance. Be sure to compare insurance policies from different insurance providers here.

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