3 Popular Dating Apps of 2019


For dating the concept somewhat is a nightmare. This is in increasing in demand especially for someone who is looking for a soul mate or if you are in your primitive teen agers. The myth towards the traditional dating methods is not finding any takers as these apps provide a viable option to establish and remain connected with people. In order to ensure that you are able to navigate through the various apps, let us pose something unique to the table. Let us now flip through some notable dating apps on the market


A popular and successful dating app that is present in the market and for successful marriages and long distance relationships this app is really appreciable. No longer have you needed to have a Facebook account as you just have to be above the age of 18 years. It is possible to link up this app to your Instagram account and features about your school or employee can be provided. By settings option you can alter the preferences of this app. A notable feature of this app is that you cannot communicate with anyone unless they have expressed in communicating with you.

Ok Cupid

In the dating business this app has generated a lot of response. You have to create a user name and then go on to fill a long profile form and later link it on to your Instagram account. A feature is that you can learn a lot about your dating partner. On the user small image you can develop a large version along with personal profile of a person. The only drawback of this app is that anyone can go on to message you. Even if you do not message back, they can keep on messaging back to you. For this reason the app loses a certain degree of credibility.


The concept of dating is made fun again with the help of this dating app. In case if you are single, this helps you to get on to the dating world. The process is fairly easy to get started. Once you have gone on to find your match on the app via this app you can initiate the process of chatting. If you happen to be a more private person you are not going to need any attraction.

Now, how to download the popular dating apps? The best platform is 9aap. Though there are a lot of apps that are available on the Google play store and more the number, users are going to be mightily confused. As a user, you are going to be confused on which app to choose and what to avoid. In addition, a user does not any idea on the safety of this app.

There are certain apps that can have an impact on the performance of your device. Any app that is available on the mobile platform goes through a level of safety along with security settings. The customer reviews of this app will prove the popularity of 9apps.

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