Common Transportation Problems & Their Solutions


Transporting people from A to B is only one aspect of public transportation. Many people rely on public transit daily, so any transportation problems can significantly impact them.

In this article, we’ll talk about two main transportation problems and their solutions.

transportation problems

Environmental Effects

The transportation problem:

Even though public transportation is much better for the environment than driving your car, many older and more established systems still use old technology, which contributes significantly to pollution worldwide. 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions come from the transportation sector, including private cars, public transportation, and more, the UN says.

The solution:

More Sustainable Transportation Alternatives

We can lessen the environmental impact of public transportation using current technology (contributing to carbon and air quality emissions and noise levels). Some cities have already started implementing the necessary changes.

Let’s take the city of Edinburgh as an example; Edinburgh is expanding the number of electric, hybrid, and low-emission buses to make transportation more environmentally friendly. Locals are also encouraged to ride their bikes and walk more because the city council has set aside 10% of its transportation budget for bicycle infrastructure. These benefits are already being felt, with over 11,700 bike trips made every day last year.

Both projects are part of a bigger plan to make Edinburgh a better place to live over time.

Sustainable transportation is an area of focus for Germany as well. Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven, Bremervoerde, and Buxtehude introduced the first zero-emission trains in the world. The hydrogen-powered trains will eventually transport about 2 million passengers.

To further improve their environmental performance, local transportation authorities should seek partnerships with technology providers that adhere to the standards established by ISO 14001.


The transportation problem:

Since there are so many moving parts in the public transportation sector, efficient organization is challenging. One mistake or hold-up at one link in the chain, like a driver’s absence, can have a cascading effect on other issues later on. Rail companies bring on around 60% of passenger delays. Weather, trespassing, and vandalism account for the remaining delays.

The solution:

Combine Public Transportation and Technology.

Transport companies can organize timetables more efficiently by using smartphones and other technology to collect data.

Transportation providers can use information from data, including peak times and flow rates (the number of people using the automated fare collection gates at any given time). Running more trains during peak hours and fewer trains during off-peak hours can help save both energy and money.

Rail companies are developing new apps to provide commuters real-time updates on train delays and cancellations. Virgin Trains is an excellent example of this principle in action. Aside from real-time departure updates, the app can be used to book services and provide customers with entertainment such as movie streaming. (Here’s another winning strategy for increasing your company’s patronage!)


Solutions exist for any problem. It is crucial to remember that once a problem has been identified, the authorities must act immediately rather than letting it fester and the consequences multiply.

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